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Devil May Cry 5


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From this Itsuno interview:



I still play a lot of old games at home - I've got an arcade cabinet at home in my living room, and literally straight after this interview I'm heading to Akihabara to see if I can find a Naomi cartridge of Project Justice - it's one of my all-time favourites, and is obviously one of your games. Is Rival Schools something you still hold dear and that you'd like to go back to?

I love Rival Schools! If it was up to me I'd start making Rival Schools 3 right now. By all means, if anyone has any interest in Rival Schools 3, bombard Capcom Europe for a new Rival Schools. I would love to do that. One of my life goals, before I retire, I want to give Batsu and all those characters a proper graduation.

Are there any other games from your past you'd like to return to? I know you've spoken fondly about Dragon's Dogma.

Yeah, just like Rival Schools - Dragon's Dogma 2, give me a way to make it now. If someone would let me, it's what I'd want to do. I already know what the story would be. It's just about convincing people to let me make it. So please bombard Capcom Europe!

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On 21/09/2018 at 09:44, Boozy The Clown said:


I dont know if this is native or cb 4K but it looks like the X is beginning to deliver on the promises made when it launched.


Forza 7 (closed circuit racer): native 4K60


Forza Horizon 4 (open-world racer): native 4K30


Devil May Cry 5 (traditional action-game): native/cb 4K60

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12 minutes ago, ronin said:

Does anyone know if the auto skill system is still in 5? That was a great feature in 4 for a noob like me.


It is. First thing I switched off when playing the Gamescom demo. ;)


2019 is gonna be a hell of a year for great combat systems.

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It’s not a brilliant demo content wise but it looks and feels quite lovely. It’s Nero with the very basic move set and no exceed level 3. You do get to try two different devil bringers on him though. Those are going to be interesting.  My timing for instant revving after attacks is completely gone and I managed to die on my first attempt at the boss because I’m a an embarrassment to my name and family because he’s super easy and they chuck green orbs at you. 


I was was always going to buy this anyways and this demo has just made me more impatient. 

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1 hour ago, DC said:

*erection noise*

yours makes a noise?

well jel.


anyway, i was always on board with this game and always will be - it was my fave reveal of e3 etc.

but - while the demo was super polished and incredible looking, it is more of the same. i don’t think i was expecting any more, but i do think that actually going hands on at long last has diminished the lustre and prestige of the game a bit.

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Had a couple of goes of this earlier. It’s too much for my tiny mind to take.

Multiple systems on the go, exceed, devil bringer, general combat, it was proper noobville. 


Not it sure about the Devil Bringer (arm) system. Different arms do different things but they’re...pick ups!? There’s arms scattered everywhere, which I find this totally bizarre. Certain moves basically blow the arm so you can pick up another, you can hold up to 4.

I guess they like the idea of using the arm in different ways leads to different ways to tackle the next section. One liberal use game saw me fighting an entire set of enemies without an arm at all!


In my mind though I saw the arm to be like the technique system where switching techniques allows you to do different things with the arm.


Can’t tell how this will all play out as the demo is way too small.


Biggest crime though, was that there’s a load mid-level. There’s no need for this, it just breaks the flow


I can see already this game will suck time away learning combat, which makes me nervous because as mentioned it’s a busy period and I’m going to want to play everything. >< 1st world problems.



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9 hours ago, ronin said:

How do you switch beteeen devil bringers?


From what I can tell you don’t. You have up to 4 in your list, depending you what you want to use you have to blow the ones prior.


This is another reason I’m not sure about the system. I guess if you could switch you would cycle and you’d never need to pick another up.


Just reading about the “break away” which is a specific move to destroy the arm it mentions that you can use it to escape damage so I’m guessing it has invincibility frames to save you but at the cost of an arm.

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