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Devil May Cry 5

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On 08/12/2018 at 08:58, Goemon said:


No, this is different. There’s a move in the list called “scapegoat” which by the explanation sounds like you press B or you’re holding B as you’re hit and it somehow negates the attack. I don’t really understand it though as I’m still taking damage and I have the animation of the arm exploding so I don’t know what the benefit is...


My tuppence worth after playing the PS4 demo. There seems to be a couple of parry / invincibility options.


The Goemon arm for example, it’s basic move using Circle (or B on Xbox) is a Shockwave move which when timed correctly seems to act as some kind of Royal Guard, but use it successfully too many times and the arm blows. There also seems to be some kind of move cancel with the Shockwave so there is all sorts of incredible madness on the go. 


Then there is the charge moves every arm has, done by holding Circle or B. If you get hit while charging the ‘evacuate the ship and activate the self-destruct sequence Spock’ move then your arm gets destroyed but you dont take any damage. I’m guessing at top level play there will be uses for this so you can simply accept a bosses premium attack under the protection of that charge.


Ive ran the demo maybe 15 times, killed the boss 3 times and what I have posted above may be complete nonsense but it’s been a while since I have been this excited about a games system and the fact that even when I think I have things worked out I most likely REALLY don’t :D


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Think my reflexes may be past this. Felt like a right ham fisted twat fighting the boss (who I haven't beaten yet!)

Also the lock on seems to have an infuriating need to focus on enemies not in camera sight.

With alarming regularity when I do an R1+back+attack or R1+forward+attack I get the opposite result of my intent. Thats the sort of shit that puts me in prime pad smashing mode (and remorseful embarrassment when I calm down)

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