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Halo Infinite - OUT NOW - no campaign spoilers pls


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The verdict - it’s good! I can see me and my buddy playing through the whole campaign again with this, Halo is greatly improved with the addition of friends. 

No issues encountered, the experience was smooth for the hour and a half we played. 

Better late than never, I suppose - yesterday marked the one year point since the game was released!

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6 hours ago, Popo said:




Online co-op was added... last week!  I have to confess, I rely on other mukkers for my news, so this completely passed me by.  I assume our collective interest in this game is in such poor shape that even those in the know didn't feel it worth posting. :D


Will give it a spin tonight and report back.


Yeah, thanks. I didn't hear much in the press about it myself and didn't realize until my mate mentioned it.


We played a couple of hours the other night and it went pretty well. I've not played any of the game much since it first came out. Had a crash to desktop and sometimes there was some long loading times on respawning after death. Also, inviting friends seemed a bit buggy.


I have to say, the game does look nice. I had my doubts as I have been playing Destiny 2 on PC a lot recently. No way as slick as Destiny 2 in terms of the game engine, but pretty good.

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22 minutes ago, Fierce Poodle said:

I’ve only recently got round to playing the campaign on this. Really enjoyed it for the most part, but my word it really shits the bed in the final stages doesn’t it? Just goes on and on, constantly repeating itself. I’m having to grit my teeth to complete the sodding thing.


Well 343 did say Infinite would evoke the feeling of classic Halo CE, so job done there.

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