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2018 FIFA World Cup

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I hope the guys in the studio tell us at full-time how the start of the second half England performance has been some of the most tepid, awful football they've seen in the tournament so far.

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It seems like when all these guys play for England they become the worse versions of themselves.


Kane looks back to his England plodding worse, Alli has gone walkabout, and Sterling is over dribbling or up to his usual howler misses.

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This ref though.. :lol: I was genuinely impressed with VAR and the refereeing standard until tonight. And I’m not English so it’s not just bias talking. 


Alli needs to come off for Rashford I think, he’s clearly not quite right.

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3 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:


Some truth in that though no? Do you think the grappling on Kane is not a penalty?


In the first half? As much a penalty as the one that was given.


However, the ref awarded Tunisia a penalty. VAR only decided he wasn't "obviously wrong" in doing so. Whereas the ref did nothing for the incidents up the other end and VAR felt that wasn't obviously wrong either.


You could make a valid argument that by his own form, he was obviously wrong on the first England claim on the basis of his own established standards, I guess, but I'm sure FIFA don't want to quite go down that route.


In my personal opinion as a biased home nation rival, England should have had a penalty.


Also, my picture just flickered.

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