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D2 Work night raiding. This week

Uncle Mike

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2 minutes ago, Gorf King said:

Aye, ok.


Sorry to hijack (the terrorist group, thethethethe the terrorist group) the thread but still thinking about an impromptu visit to the new place tonight Gorf? 

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Depends what you want from it. If we're after max engrammage and power gain, Leviathan is the obvious choice, and everyone knows how to do it all so it should be quite efficient. I wouldn't mind an Eater run at some point, but it'll give fewer rewards and will take longer as many of us haven't ever done it (or, if they have, haven't completed it). I'm keen to do Spire too, but having been in the opening section (I'm 100% I know how to open the door, but that's as far as we got in an hour or so) my guess is that a few of us aren't high enough power levels to really pull it off - even at the start, the enemies are tough. Also, it'll take a few evenings regardless of level if we're doing it blind.


So as much as I'm not a fan of Leviathan, if we're being purely mercenary about it it'll be the easiest one to get gains from, and would be the best route to preparing for a Spire assault later. But aye, whatevs.

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What's the Power level for Spire?


I'm only at 342ish. From a mercenary, efficiency perspective, a run through Leviathan suits me for engrams and getting my Acrius finally done. But I'm down for whatever the group wants to do. Would be good to get a gang together that can meet regularly!

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Given some people will need to finish early - so 10 to 10:30 - I don't think we can start after 9 really. I dunno if @Thor is on for tonight, but I assume he is, in which case we probably have six for a 8-ish start. That'd be Mike, me, Ben, Thor, Scruff and Van? Is that right, counting them in by order of appearance in the thread, or have I made too many assumptions?

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