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Yeah so i play this a lot. *is smitten* :blush:


My issues with super keepers isn't there anymore. If you're running ahead you just angle your run and shoot low ahead. Still can't score from corners really ever, or high crosses. But..yeah. I've learnt to not say anything again. Until the next game is released. 


The play can be orgasmic. Chipping over a defence for a first volley or nonchalant touch down and slide pass keeper. I did that online and the other player did that thing where you watch the replay then let the countdown to kick off go all the way. It was literally a Scholes like outside of boot chip on edge of box to Vardy. Think of that one in Champions League to Van Nistelrooy. 


Scored some fabulous goals. A corner crossed to Pogba who leap chested it near post then backhealed the ball to far post and in from a near impossible angle. It doesn't sound possible. 


The backhealing to the penalty spot for a runner is the best. I'm getting into casually rolling the ball horizontally as a through ball that's a soft gentle tap just out of reach of opposition. You move up the pitch but slow the game right down. 


I want to play someone on here, as though it's on my videogame bucketlist. (i don't have one)


I want to play someone so exceptional i lose again and again until i eventually win. 


PS4 ID: aehii

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I made two friends! 


Watford I've found are a really good online team. Tried Deeney up front who is strong and makes runs but missed chance after chance. So Gray goes up front and is ace. Did a run on the outside, defender near into the box. Pulled back then again so it was a double back pull of the ball in L shape then quickly poked the ball past the keeper.


Saving formations in edit is a way to get around the pitiful 3 slots allowed. Success and Deulofeu on the wings are devastating. Pereyra technically superb, Cleverley very solid. Foster decent keeper and does the side volley kick out. Any keeper that just does the high up and down kick out is a big negative. Just end up not getting it past the box. 


Palace are a team that i want to be good with. Think Hodgson is doing better attacking wise. Player attributes are similar to Watford but it seems to be how the wide forwards makes runs, I'm getting in behind relentlessly with Watford but not other teams. Like Everton are really strong, Richarlison is so good, but Walcott is pretty stiff and Lookman on the left not as good as Success. 


I had a surprising run with spurs, another team i always used to lose with. Son and Moura transform them and Alli as centre mid is brilliant. So Eriksen left attacking, Lamela right attacking. 


There are forwards who make runs and can power past defenders, like Lukaku, but they're all or nothing. Their turning and niftness isn't good enough. Kane doesn't have the pace to outrun defenders but his shot power makes up for it. 


Online there's such a variety of teams being picked. It used to be 7 games out of 10 was against Bayern. The strong teams aren't so dominating. I used to play with Stoke against Bayern and have to put my all in to win. I'd say Juventus are the pick of ones looking to win every game like a machine. Then PSG. If I'm playing with a 500 rated team against them i do expect to lose. Eventually Ronaldo will be too quick, shot power too much. Then i can't score enough. Or they score a header. 


Barcelona are hard to get right. They're like a team for experts. You can play and never create a chance. Messi is invisible. Suarez is like Lukaku. There's a hole left of defence and you're not even playing Alba so what gives. I had a few games of free flowing brilliance..and then nothing. Getting 6 wins in a row shouldn't be too difficult. Trying to do these raking vertical through balls where the forward doesn't get in behind, he protects the ball all the way and carries on running diagonally but doesn't need to turn. So just shoot forward in direction. 


West Ham are similar to Watford. Wilshire is an upgrade. Hard to know on forward line up. 


Real Madrid are like Barcelona. I had a period on pro evo 2016 where as Madrid the play was devastating, Bale would receive all the horizontal lay offs into space and rocket the ball into the top corner. Can't do that at far distances anymore. Used to play with centre attacking mid though. Benzema is pretty good, but you want to score Bale thunder bastards don't you? Really use the power. 


Vardy at Leicester is still great. England are very good too. A few options. Sterling for City is great at getting in behind and then Lingard, Rashford. With Kane up front, Vardy too. Alli resumes in the middle. 

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^Thats great.


I only play Master League and it’s always three-player. We just finished our first season, where we came a whopping 15th in the league! We would have done even worse if it wasn’t for on-loan Dominic Solanke contributing 19 goals.


The team is ready for the second season and is as follows:

GK Selikhov (was on a free transfer at the start, not sure if the option file caused this. Hopefully he will be replaced by Buffon in January)

DR Giorza (the only original man left, will hopefully be replaced by Ivanovic)

DC G McAuley

DC P De Souza (these were the first two decent - 75 and 69 iirc) centeback regrns to come through so they’re locked in for life now, sadly.)

DL Y Gerhardt (on loan, will hopefully be replaced by Leighton “the most attractive man in football” Baines)


DM J Weigl ( on loan, our best player with 81 rating)

DM D Fletcher :hmm:

CM C Adam :facepalm:


RWF L Piazon (free at the start, again possibly due to the option file. Scored 2 free kicks!)

LWF M Gacinovic (on loan, could be the difference between a good and bad season)


CF K Huntelaar (we were hoping for Crouch but he didn’t retire, but Huntelaar seems like a monster even at 16. Not played a game with him yet but his numbers look great. Could become a club legend.)


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