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MCU Phase 4 and beyond - Spidey to stay in the MCU! (warning: Endgame and Far From Home spoilers)


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18 minutes ago, mansizerooster said:

No more Cap beard!


When he gets his shield back I'm going to lose my shit


THAT. That the however they get Hulk involved. Probably more so Hulk for me. One of, if not THE greatest moments in all the Marvel movies is Banner's "That's my secret Cap... I'm always angry!" reveal and while I don't think they could ever top that even just coming close will do nicely!

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1 hour ago, Stigweard said:
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Interesting to know how Scott Lang got there considering the end of Ant Man and the Wasp. Also it's been two years since the airport scene so I wonder how much time has past since the snap and this?



Discusses Trailer and Antman/Wasp



Seems odd that they would 'spoil' the fact the Scott escapes the Quantum Realm from the end of Antman and the Wasp. So I reckon that the Scott Lang ringing the doorbell isn't actually Scott Lang, but a green shapeshifting Alien!


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