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MCU Phase 4 and beyond - Spidey to stay in the MCU! (warning: Endgame and Far From Home spoilers)


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Captain Britain could be an amazing movie, in the right hands (most certainly NOT Guy Richie's). You've got magic, the Multiverse, Roma, Merlyn, the Captain Britain Corps, Jim Jaspers and the Fury.


Brian could mention his siblings with a wink to the camera as they're both mutants and cameos by Captains Cymru and Albion.

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1 hour ago, Azrael said:

Is Captain Britain anything to do with Union Jack? Still waiting for him to get into the MCU as a way of introducing vampires and the horror elements which can then lead to a Blade reboot. 


Why wouldn’t they just start with a Blade reboot? He’s far more famous with the general public thanks to the Snipes movies. 


I’ve got a weird feeling they’re going to do the darker Marvel stuff (Ghost Rider, Morbius, Blade, Moon Knight, Man-Thing etc.) in a similar way that they did The Defenders on Netflix - as a series of interconnected shows, only on the new Disney streaming platform instead. It’d be a good way to drum up some interest, and apart from Ghost Rider appearing on Agents of Shield, it’s a section of the universe that’s largely untouched in the MCU. 

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3 minutes ago, LowCostMonkey said:

Well whatever happens, doesn't look like [the current] Captain America will be part of it :(



Captain America actor Chris Evans to 'retire' from role


He probably is, but all these news stories come from that single tweet.  If the character survives I am sure this retirement is nothing that a Robert Downey sized pay cheque can't resolve. 

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