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Edge #319 - Dark Souls Remastered cover, God of War review, more


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Cover: Dark Souls Remastered




(EDIT: if you're after Labo stuff, there's a couple of pages of text at the front in the Knowledge section!)



Disco Elysium
Neo Cab
Heaven's Vault
Roundup: Endless Mission, Smash Hit Plunder, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Deathgarden, Spider-Man



God of War - 8
Sea of Thieves - 7
Far Cry 5 - 6
A Way Out - 6
Extinction - 3
Scribblenauts Showdown - 3
Minit - 6
Detective Pikachu - 6



Master Crafting - how game remasters are resurrecting the classics
Mind's Eye - the evolution and development of VR storytelling
Playing The Market - Competitors to Steam's domination
Making of: The Signal from Tolva
Studio Profile: Bossa Studios
Time Extend: Steamworld Dig
The Long Game: Splatoon 2

(Steamworld Dig feature is well timed - I'd never played the Steamworld games until this week when I took a look at Dig 2 in my Twitch freebies; it's quite fun! :) )

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If anything the Splatoon 2 long game might be premature. Update 3.0 coming at the end of this month, followed by Octo Expansion in the summer.


It’s already gone from an 8/10 sequel to a 10. We’ve only just begun and I’d guess I’ve already spent more time playing Salmon Run on its own than Odyssey.

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5 hours ago, grindmouse said:



Just like Resi 4 was only a 9.


But Bayo and every From game is a 10


Edge. Sort yourself out.


Bloodborne and - only after a retrospective reappraisal years after the original review - Dark Souls then. Every From game. All of those Armored Core, Otogi, King's Field games that From released must have been in an alternate reality. ;) 

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I haven't finished GoW yet, but it's a 9 from me so far and an exceptional game. I do think all the tens are overated. They want to support it because games like this don't really get made anymore. But a lot of what GoW does is quite old fashioned. 

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2 minutes ago, sandman said:

8/10 for GOW?


1 more than SOT?

Jesus, those guys really are out of touch.

American games get penalised. Strong unconscious bias in bath. If this same game was uprezzed by media molecule it would be an 11.

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13 minutes ago, grindmouse said:

I’m at the witches house in GOW. 


That one moment with no actual gameplay is better than the entirety of Bayonetta 1 and 2.


You'd bloomin love Space Ace and Dragons Lair!

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1 minute ago, Gambit said:

This is the first time I've been to Reset Era since it launched. Good grief. What an embarrassment of a forum. 


I'll never complain about you guys again. :hug:



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25 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

An 8 is a good score all you moaning mentalists :lol:

Eights have just been devalued over the years given the amount of shit games that have gotten it across all game criticism. realistically no one familiar with video games reads that and goes: oohh that must be good. Not if they have any context. 


they can call it whatever they want (Edge just calls it Eight) but in games journalism it has meant effectively slightly better than mediocre for all of 20 years. something like 60 publications gave this game a ten because there is no other number to give it with nines having been so inflated over the years. Little Big Planet motherfucking 3! was an edge nine. 

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I threw down a giant moratorium on reviews in general back in 2008 when Edge gave Little Big Planet a 10. The disconnect between that review and what I played was too staggering to ignore. 

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51 minutes ago, grindmouse said:

Reaction over. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt given I’m only a few hours in, but if it gets to the point where that score is patently absurd I’m unsubbing. 

As long as you don't overreact :D


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I'll tell you what I've just read that Edge review as mine came today, and it's a superbly written piece. I'd urge everyone to give it a read. Also I agree with them about Alfheim, that is one visually stunning level. 


I'd give their review 9/10 ;)


Also nice Post Sctipt in which they draw comparisons with RE4.

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