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LTTP: Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion


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I couldn't find a topic for this album. I've been listening to this for the past year and a half, but only recently has it become something of an upper echelons of pop album.


The marketing messed up big-time with the album by releasing 'I Really Like You' as a lead single, which means most people think that this is some novelty filler album around a lead single much like 'Call Me Maybe' ended up.


Delve in, and the 80s production sheen will be the first thing will hit, which is very deliberate, alongside some modern pop tropes such an overreliance on HEY! exclamations.


Carly is not really a focus of the album in any way, and feels really detached from the songs, not vocally, but thematically she doesnt really feature and the lyrics are fleeting pop codas, and thats the strength.


As far as mass produced albums go, the effort that went into this is actually ridiculous. Over 250 songs written for inclusion, of which 12 made the cut, a number of bonus tracks, and then an 8 track EP Emotion: Side B released a year later.


My favourite track:



'Lets Get Lost' hides is catchiness in the chorus which syllables along to the beat, and wraps in a absolutely lovely sax solo.


So is this the best pure pop album of the last 10 years, or am I deluded? Will Carly leave this sound behind on the (surely imminent) fourth album? And when can we hear the other 230 tracks!

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if that was played on absolute radio 80's you would belive it was from the 80s! 0_o


On 17/04/2018 at 11:30, StephenM said:


You are 100% correct.


See also:




i also love this one :)


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