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Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up


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Also this post I made a while back critiquing an Ironclad deck might also come in useful.


On 04/07/2019 at 23:10, imp said:

Lots of powerful stuff there! Couple of things you could do to improve it though:


1. That's way too much strength. 1 demon form should be enough, especially upgraded, so you don't need flex or sport weakness, really. Fair play if you picked up a spot weakness before that first demon form, that's actually good for flexibility as I know you can't always sacrifice a turn to put demon form in play. I think it would be better to limit yourself to 3 strength buffing cards as an absolute maximum, and look to getting a few more block cards.


2. And on that point, you defintely need more block cards! With corruption, you're gaining a spike in power (the ability to play a bunch of free block cards and then hopefully not having to worry about block until you finish the fight) but you need more block cards to make it worth it, especially as you're playing a power-heavy deck. 3 energy on demon form, 2 on barricade, 2 on the metallicizes, and 2 on the corruption means a lot of turns setting up. More block cards like power through, true grit and flame barrier will help you get through that initial phase as well as to give you the power spike you want to close out the fight.


3. Too much AoE. AoE is great for slime boss and great for act 2 hallway fights, but isn't nearly as good in act 3 as the number of multi-target battles is much fewer. Cleave in particular is not a great card at this point, though whirlwind scales well enough to stay useful, especially with your strength build, but either way, you don't need that many AoE cards.


4. Fiend Fire - this card does not scale as well with high str as some of the Ironclad's other attacks (heavy blade will absolutely trounce it for damage, for example), but more importantly, unless you had runic pyramid, it doesn't look like you have enough methods to get the huge hand size required to make it worthwhile (only one battle trance). ...And corruption is probably thinning out your deck enough already! But my concern is that you probably don't want to use it early in the fight while you're using your important cards to set up / block, which you can't afford to exhaust, so it'll just sit in your hand unused until the end of the fight, at while point heavy blade is better anyway.


Hope this doesn't come off as harsh, as it's not my intention at all. I've just sunk a lot of time and thought into this game, and it turns out I have a lot of opinions!


EDIT: Also, yes, as Paulando points out, it's a mix of three separate powerful strategies revolving around barricade, corruption and demon form. I'd say picking up to two of these is fine (although demon form can be a bit too expensive to play nicely with other strategies unless you have a LOT of energy), but trying all three at once is probably taking on a bit too much!


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This game is amazing.


Those two detailed posts above explaining strategies are almost completely different to how I have been playing. My style seemed to work really well till about A7 or so, but now it is time for a change.



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Just beat A9 on my first go :lol:


I played a lot more aggressively, took down at least 6 or 7 elites. I also picked up a lot more cards than I normally would. I dont know if I was just extremely lucky, but it seemed like easy mode. Dead branch plus lots of cards which exhaust was great. Had plenty of good relics and lots of energy. I also had Apotheosis, but I got that right at the end and only used it twice.


Onwards to A10!

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4 hours ago, kempstar said:


Dead branch puts a random card in your hand every time you exhaust a card.

I encountered it this evening and to be honest that with corruption led to my first victory with Ironclad. 


Nearly had another one straight after as well with defect but sadly act 3 boss nuked me. 


Amazing game. Just so addictive. 

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Damn! I've just come off one very hungry Ironclad run.





Random rare card is fast becoming my favourite of Neow's starting options. This time I got demon form. Didn't think it was an auto-win, but strong for the elites and boss, so I had a good chance going through the act. Nothing too crazy happened in the first act, but I was extremely lucky to pick up a feed on the second elite fight and a reaper from the boss. Wasn't offered an energy relic, so took runic pyramid. Act 2 was a complete slog at first. I really didn't have enough energy, so I was getting absolutely flooded with cards I couldn't play, especially when I needed to dedicate a whole turn to demon form every fight. Still, I got a dual wield from the first shop and the apparitions event right after, which was doubly excellent as I had toxic egg, so they all came upgraded. It did take me from 88 to 44 health, but with the improved setup afforded by apparitions, it went pretty smoothly from there, especially with dual wield reaper and feed keeping me in rude health. I'm not usually a fan of the Ironclad's energy-granting cards, but they helped here as I could keep them in hand with runic pyramid and ensure I got demon form off with minimal fuss. Anyway, sailing was smooth and I managed to get back to 80HP by the time I killed the act 2 boss, even.


I got offered an exhume+ for the card and coffee dripper for the relic. I leapt at both! Exhume was incredibly reassuring, even if it didn't get that much use, as I could get an extra reaper or apparition in, and since I was so good at healing, I didn't need to rest anyway. I knew I was basically golden from that point, barring any serious misplays.


I proceeded to eat EVERYTHING.






Ate him. (Also dual wielded demon form for laughs)


Multi enemies?





Ate 'em.


Giant head?




Ate 'im.


Which was all good fun, but the thing about act 3 was either I fight 2 elites and have at least one campfire before the end, or I just go full bore and go for 4 in a row. I knew I could dip out after 2, so just went for it. Turns out, I flipping crushed it! (Also getting singing bowl was hilarious as I was getting even more max HP!)






Then I went back to eating things.





Didn't really fancy the heart though. Looked a bit undercooked tbh. (It's still grey, ffs!) Nothing much to report there. Got a bottled tornado at the final shop and that very much guaranteed I could get my win. One turn I did 180 damage to him in reflected damage via bronze scales, a thorns potion and flame barrier. That was pretty cool, but otherwise I only needed tank a little damage at the start of the fight and all the intangibles did the heavy lifting, though dual wielding my heavy blade sped things up very nicely. Very satisfying after a series of heartbreaking (no, I mean unsuccessful) Silent runs this weekend.







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After 3 years of not having a gaming PC last week I purchased something fairly outrageous with my PPI refund, the majority of my time on it has been spent playing this...I should have just got this on switch and gone on holiday somewhere!


I still not completely sure of all the mechanics, but I have managed to complete runs with all the characters, with the silent taking the most time to do.



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I thought I was actually quite good at this game. I have almost solely played with Ironclad, im on A13 with him and A3 with silent. I have played Defect for less than a few hours or so.


I was stuck on A13 for ages, so started to read up a bit more about strategies on rllmuk. If anything, it seems to have made me a lot worse. I havent had a win for bloody ages (probably 10 tries?). I normally get to act 2 boss, but rarely get far into act 3 these days.


How are you getting so many relics? Do you literally go after every Elite? I tend to go for 2 or 3 on act 1, but will always take a bonfire over an elite. In Act 2, I rarely avoid an elite unless I dont have lots of good offense cards, which normally means an upgraded whirlwind, and something to build up strength (spot weakness, limit break, demon form etc)


I am still absolutely loving it, but maybe I need to really rethink my strategy. Perhaps I should also try and spend some more time with the other characters.


Have you got any general tips for Ironclad? Bearing in mind im not a complete beginner, and am up to A13.

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Hitting the wall in this game can be rough.


Can we see some of your losing decks or are you able to stream/record any runs?


I'm currently chipping away at Defect on the Switch version as I've still not played him all that much. I don't have a A20 Heart Kill with Ironclad yet either. I do have an A20 Act 3 win but I stupidly picked the wrong path for the Super Elite in Act 3 and ruined that very promising run. I was so mad that I've decided to get Defect to A20 first before trying again. Currently on A15. After playing her for about 700 hours on PC and getting to A20 and killing The Heart on both PC and Switch it's been refreshing have an extended break from The Silent. She is still comfortably my favourite though. :wub:


Also, 5 days until the fourth character hits the Beta branch on Steam. :omg:


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Had a bit of a mind bloom and realised I could simply open SteamLibrarySteamApps/Common/SlayTheSpire and copy the contents of the "Preferences" folder into the "BetaPreferences" folder and retain all my progress while moving from the main branch to the beta branch. Now I'm 100% ready for the new character on monday!

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