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ZZap! 64 Annual


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To follow on from the success that was the Crash 2018 Annual that was published end of last year, we are embarking on a new ZZap! 64 Annual that we hope to have out by the end of the Summer. To fund the production of the annual, we are going to run a Kickstarter campaign that will commence on the 27th April.


Roger Kean, Oliver Frey, Jaz Rignall, Robin Hogg, Paul Rand and Mel Croucher will be involved in this issue - there will be a brand new Oliver Frey cover and Roger will be at the helm as Editor.


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9 hours ago, Goose said:

It’s almost hit the first stretch goal.


They're literally a fiver away...!


EDIT: I just got us over the line by adding another £45 to my pledge for three more copies of the annual (well, if my ad's going to be on the back cover then I'll want a couple of spares to give to my nearest and dearest!) ;) 

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I got mine the other week and I'm very pleased with it. It's essentially like reading a Zzap!64 from 1987/1988 or so, just when the C64 was maturing. I used to read all the old Newsfield mags even though I didn't own all the computers just because they were that good, so reading something that feels just like then brings it all back - mission accomplished then.


The calendar will definitely be going up in the kitchen. Found the badge under the bed where it had fallen out of the box.


BTW I really want to play that Sam's Journey but jeez the price on that made my eyes water.

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