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watched it this afternoon with my kids - and its bad - it actually starts of not to bad  but gets steadily worse as the movie goes on - major set pieces have no life to them are are either very badly edited or have bits left on the cutting floor (in fact the a lot of the movie feels like a lot was cut as the narative jumps all over the show).  RDJ is phoning it in on this one, and the annimal voices felt like they were dubbed over the existing sound tract rather than inserted into it ie like a comentary track style audio - which i found off putting.  The CGI wasnt to bad but the jokes fell flat (and yes they do rely on a lot of fart jokes).


to give context my kids normally will sit through and watch anything (hell they even watched and enjoyed the emoji movie)  with this one they were restless and wanting to leave

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My mum took the kids, she fell asleep and the kids didn't like it, apart from a bit where they pull a load of stuff out of something's arse. 

Apparently they filmed it in 2018 and spent 2 years trying to un-fuck it and now it's been slopped out like Goblin Meat and Gravy Pudding. 


How do you go from Traffic and Syriana to this?? Gaghan must be back on the crack.

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Saw this last night with the family and I have to say it’s one of the best Monty Python films I’ve seen! Seriously, it’s absurdly surreal. Robert Downey Jr plays a Welsh Johnny Depp fighting a tiger called “Barry” and really does end up in a finale removing bagpipes from a Dragon’s arse using leeks as forceps. Plus any film that has a Whale calling someone a “chinless wonder” is a big plus in my books.

Watch it as a Terry Jones comedy and you’ll really enjoy it! 

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That accent is horrible but the film as a whole is fun.

Michael Sheen is brilliant (as ever), while Antonio Banderas appears to have been spliced in from a rejected Pirates of the Caribbean movie.



Two things I would say in defence of the film:



I was so glad they didn't do a whole "we found Lily and she's alive" ending, would have been too schmaltzy.

And the opening is really effective. The animated sequence works well, and then having Stubbins AND Lady Rose arrive at the sanctuary helps avoid wasting time with explanations. Sure, meeting someone through the eyes of someone new to them is overdone but here it is sidestepped by the necessity to save Kevin the squirrel and get Dolittle to see the Queen.)


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It's been added to Netflix. I admit I'm curious as to how much of a car crash it is. At a little over 1.5 hours, I think I'll do it. I almost expected it to be 2.5 hours, which is time I probably wouldn't waste on it.

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