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New *Official* Master System Book Coming from Bitmap Books - May Kickstarter


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Just seen this tweeted - not much else known yet 




Just got this in an email as I've back previous campaigns -



We’re delighted to finally announce the 6th volume in our series of visual compendiums, which will be focused on the SEGA Master System. The exciting news is that this will be the first official visual compendium, as we are working with SEGA on the book. We will therefore have access to some great assets and will be able to include some fascinating interviews that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


Over the years, we've produced books covering great companies such as SNK, Commodore and Nintendo and SEGA has always been the missing part of the puzzle - but not anymore. 


We’ve got some really exciting things planned for the Kickstarter campaign which will launch on Monday 7th May at 7am BST. There will be early bird discounts and limited pledges, so we advise to set your alarm clocks!



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They always make beautiful books, and I love the Master System, which I always feel doesn't get the recognition it deserves (not helped by the US not caring about it at all). I'll be all over this! 

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It’s a stunning book. Got mine about six weeks ago. Quite delayed due to a huge fire at the printer. Credit to the guy, he went ahead and paid for a new print run without even waiting for the insurance money to come through.


All his books have been excellent.

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