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More FFIV, climbing the Tower of Babil. Compared to the Tower of Zot, it’s a piece of piss - the enemies don’t seem to hit any harder, I’ve naturally levelled up a bit and have better gear, and most significantly, I have a proper white mage.


Rosa is stupendously better than Tellah at healing. She has roughly 2.5x the MP, and her healing is about 3x more effective - she does as much with a Cure as Tellah did with a Cura. Faster too, and a very handy archer. Don’t feel like I’ve got the hang of adult Rydia quite as much yet, her base level spells don’t do enough damage and her -a level spells (e.g. Blizzara) take too long to cast. 


Should finish the Tower tonight. Hopefully the next dungeon isn’t the same generic sci-fi tower theme like the last two. 

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I found adult Rydia useless as a mage. She was only used a summoner. 


Myself, still playing through Xenoblade 1. Just clocked up 50 hours and just leaving Alcamoth to go to the snowy mountain area. 

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