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What’s Bluepoint remaking next?

Alex W.

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2 hours ago, Darwock said:

Wasn't the 6th arch in Demons Souls ultimately put into Dark Souls? (The painted world)


2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

I have never heard of that before, but wasn't the 6th arch the land of Giants or some such? Doesn't sound like the painted world.. 


It’s not the same area, though they both share a snowy theme. The land of the giants is an unfinished snowy castle area, and the painted world was the prototype area for dark souls and the first one designed.

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10 hours ago, K said:


Yeah, I was going to mention that they were by different publishers. I thought that Demon’s was published by Bandai Namco outside Japan, though? I guess it wouldn’t be that odd for Sony to show off a bit by getting the world’s premier remaster people to do Demon’s, it just seems like a slightly odd disparity between the two devs. My gut reaction is that Bluepoint will be doing something else. 

Demon’s Souls was produced by Sony’s Japan Studio, while From did dev.


Atlus (Sega) published in NA, while Bandai Namco published in Europe after Sony internally marked DeS as a dud and HK imports started gaining traction anongst Western players.


After that Bandai Namco commissioned From directly, while Sony was caught off-guard with their own title and needed time to retrieve the baby from the bathwater. Hence Bloodborne.


[edit spoiler BB]


Wait, what if the entire Fishing Hamlet is basically a metaphor about Sony handling DeS, with the night of the hunt being one for From's contract with Bandai Namco? :D


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I hope:

- Mass Effect Trilogy using Mass Effect 2 as the blueprint for the combat.

- Demon's Souls with the broken Arch Stone fixed.


I expect:

- Demon's Souls.


What is is going to be:

- Sensible World of Soccer.

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17 hours ago, K said:

It would be a bit odd to commission Bluepoint to remaster Demon’s Souls, just after they’d commissioned QLOC to remaster Dark Souls. Obviously, it depends on how the Dark Souls remaster turns out, but I’d be surprised if they gave the first game the full Bluepoint treatment, and the second, much more popular, game the full relatively obscure Polish developer who do Capcom’s PC ports treatment. 


Bluepoint are doing a full from the ground up remake, not just a mildly tarted up port/remaster primarily made for easy money. It's either another Sony owned exclusive, of which Demon's Souls is one or Metal Gear Solid, either fit the even bigger scope bill that would get people excited. The longshot option would be another platform holder's exclusive.


The US Atlus published version makes it clear that the rights to the game are owned by Sony:



©2009 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Licensed to and published by Atlus U.S.A., Inc.


And the PAL release is the same:



©2010 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Licensed to and published by NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S.


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18 minutes ago, Minion said:

I'd love for it to be Demons as I never played it but I can't see that what with DS1 just being remade.

But again, DaS1 being remastered had nothing to do with Sony. And Bluepoint potentially remaking DeS1 for Sony has nothing to do with Bandai Namco. 


If it's not Demon's Souls, I would love for it to be a Tenchu 1 remake :D

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Let's clear this up properly as people 


Sony = Demon Souls IP. Sony would choose who would do a Demon Souls remake - and clearly they like using Bluepoint 


Bandai Namco = Dark Souls IP - will use whoever they want for their remaster - it has nothing to do with the above. 


Dark Souls - is a remaster - so far we know they are adding dedicated servers and higher multiplayer numbers - otherwise it appears to all accounts to be an upres of the game and doesn't need a huge amount of porting talent 


Bluepoint clearly are capable of doing a lot more and have a proven track record with the task.

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Gex : Enter The Gecko lol


On a serious note, there WERE rumblings of a LegacyOfKain SoulReaver remake.  Is that legally feasible that it could be bluepoint? Either way, am sure this will pop up during the E3. MGS1/ICO sounds like the most obvious option for getting mainstream attention. Games like SoulReaver/SyphonFilter are a bit toooooo cultish?

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