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Netflix have done a deal for the Extreme Studios comics. I don't know much, or anything really, about them, but it was apparently later known as Awesome Comics too before closing. They were a studio from Deadpool's Rob Liefield. Alan Moore was involved too for a while.


Akiva Goldsman will be setting up a writers room for the series of connected movies. Characters have very 90s names like Bloodstrike, Bloodwulf, Cybrid and Re-Gex, among others.

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The thing that irks me most about that Cap picture isn't the (even by Liefeld standards) exaggerated physique, but that he's utterly fucked up the star placement on Cap's chest. It's like Cap's left titty is only allowed to have a third of a star; unless of course he turns around and the reason why is because there is a raft of pockets on lefty.


Also I bet he's gutted having nothing but some cross hatching for genitals too.

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