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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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Simon Belmont :omg:

King K Rool :omg:

Dedede trolling :lol:


Shovel Knight and Krystal join Bomberman and Waluigi as assist trophies I was hoping would be characters though.


The blurred out option must be an single player story mode based on those clips and boss character talk. 

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It’s odd that Waluigi, Nintendo’s greatest character, gets starring roles in Mario Kart and Mario Tennis yet isn’t on the roster in Smash.


I can therefore only conclude that he is going to be revealed shortly as future DLC, including 15 stages dedicated to him and 400 theme tune variations.

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Why are they doing this? Sakurai must know he can't top this amount of content! It's crazy, I imagine Sakurai's life has just been an endless loop of licensing discussions.


I can't help wonder if there's a future for Smash after this!


Still, I can't wait to set up a Metroidvania brawl for the ages!

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