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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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You know what, completely hated the idea of Minecraft Steve - but they've somehow pulled it off. There's just so much comedy to the animation and the moves they've picked.


Also genuinely looks fun to play as Steve as well.

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I skipped this game because my kids weren’t interested anymore so I wouldn’t have anyone to play with but predictably Minecraft stuff has interested them, so I have a few questions. 

Is Snake in this one?


Is Steve paid DLC?


How many other characters are DLC and who are they?


How much does the DLC cost?


Is there ever likely to be and edition with all the characters included for one price? 

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Snake is in, yeah. Every character who has ever been in a Smash Bros game is included, 74 in total, not including DLC?


There are two DLC Fighter Passes. Pass one is 5 characters and pass 2 has 6. Each comes with music and a stage alongside their character. They're ~£25 iirc. You can sometimes get download codes cheaper elsewhere.


I dont know if a "complete" edition has been announced? Probably after the 2nd pass has run its course, if at all.


The first Fighter Pass had Joker from Persona 5, Hero from Dragon Quest, Banjo & Kazooie from Nuts & Bolts, Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and Byleth from Fire Emblem.


The second Fighter Pass has released with Min Min from ARMS so far, and Steve from Minecraft next. It has four more characters yet to be announced.

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Btw on the topic of dlc, piranha plant isn’t in the season passes, it was a freebie for people who got the game on release and paid for everyone else.


If you don’t have dlc you only start with the original 8 starting characters from Smash Bros 64 and have to unlock everyone else.

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Relieved they’ve ultimately punted that Geno whoever dude from Super Mario RPG down to simple Mii Fighter Costume status. There’s been too much enduring noise from fans demanding he be made a legit proper character in Smash that I was worried he’d be given the last slot in order to placate the fanatics.

Don’t get me wrong, pleasing your fan base is often an admirable thing to do, but when you’re Super Smash Bros it means your fans are Smash fans and, well, fuck those creepy paedo fuck-ups :lol: 

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