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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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On 04/04/2020 at 14:58, Jigsaw Monkey said:

Sorry if this has been answered previously, is this the only fighter pass for Smash Bros at the moment - the one with Banjo & Geese Howard?


No, there's now a second one, Fighters Pass Vol. 2, also available. You can purchase this second pass now though none of its characters have been released or even announced yet (though they've confirmed the first, available in June iirc, will be a character from ARMS).


Also, it's Terry Bogard in the first Fighters Pass, not Geese (the others are Joker from Persona 5, Hero from Dragon Quest and Byleth from Fire Emblem).

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I was naively hoping that it would be someone from ARMS 2 and they'd announce that at the same time. But in the absence of flying pigs, The Best ARMS Character will definitely do ^_^

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8 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

That Megadrive / Mega CD that he’s got - is that the mini version or an actual Megadrive / Mega CD? :wacko: 


Japan got its own Mini Mega CD - and 32X as well. It was just for show, though. You didn't get Snatcher or Sewer Shark on the Mega CD. 



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3 hours ago, wretcherd said:

I bet the eventual min min amiibo will have a lot of transparent plastic to support those arms.


I'm hoping for the bendy wire ones you saw in the Guardian amiibo. 

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Min Min looks like one of the better DLC characters so far. Maybe not the strongest but certainly the most interesting design wise. She doesn’t come off as incredibly gimmicky (Banjo, Hero, Joker, Terry)  or unimaginative (Byleth). It’s a character who expands the game in the right way by the looks of things.


In other news competitive Smash players have brushed today’s direct aside to take a much bigger interest in the newly released version of Melee for the Dolphin emulator.


For the first time ever a smash game has rollback netcode and thanks to ultimate having the worst delay-based netcode of any fighting game people are flocking to melee in droves.

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