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Newark - Sopranos movie (was The Many Saints Of Newark)

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The Sopranos prequel I'd really want to see would cover Tony and Johnny Sack in the eighties; I was always really fascinated by their relationship, and the backstory that they hinted at. Plus, New York / New Jersey in the eighties is a really interesting time period. I can't imagine them ever managing to cast actors who'd work as young versions of Tony and Johnny though, so this'll do.

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Well if its gonna be a Sopranos movie set in the 60s it can have Junior and Tony's dad in it I'm guessing. Paulie could definitely be in it. Maybe a young Phil Leotardo from the Brooklyn family too.   

I think I'd rather watch another TV series though tbh.

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The casting choice for young Tony is perfect looks-wise. The real challenge is young Paulie, surely nobody else can look and act like that :lol: fucken A!

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