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Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet


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On a strange mad whim I decided to buy this last night. I've never played a SWO game before but the premise has always intrigued me (I'll have to watch the animes at some point). It's an action JRPG with guns set inside a big VRMMO.


I'm only a few hours in so far. It's a very very slow start but it seems to be letting me kill stuff now. Despite the subject matter it's mostly a single player game though (Although it does have some online co-op missions and PvP stuff).


Does anyone else play these? Are any of the rest of the series worth picking up?



Top tip. Make sure you buy enough bullets or you'll end up like me and run out completely halfway through a boss fight. Also the AI are idiots.


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My two lads love the anime (we've seen the 2 series and the film) and are playing Hollow Fragment at the moment, seems by the numbers but decent fun, especially if you know the characters. 


Looking forward to playing this as we finished the series with Gun Gale Online a few weeks ago.

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24 minutes ago, Flub said:

 (I'll have to watch the animes at some point)




Well unless things like tentacle rape slugs and incest and underage girls who make Dolly Parton look like an ironing board float your boat.

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I've just started exploring the second zone. I've got some nice weapons, skills and grenades now. I like that there's two shooting modes. Assist by default (Which you can turn off totally if you like) where you don't have to be so accurate but it's difficult to target weak spots. Handy for small flying shit. And holding down the left trigger as you expect lets you aim more accurately


It's nothing special and probably not really worth the full price I paid but I'm having  enough fun for now. Plenty of loot drops and the gunplay is basic but satisfying



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The voices on that started grating about 3 seconds in - I hope there's an English dub?


There's a previous game on Steam, too, which looks more MMO based (in terms of skills etc). I'd probably give both a try when they are much, much cheaper, though I assume the story would be completely worthless to me, as I have no interest in anime.

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