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Female-fronted alt/indie rock

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Yes there's a lot of truth in all that, at least when it comes to rock. I don't think it's old fogeyism at all really. Rock music has been eating itself for nearly thirty years. A lot of them groups that Gorf posted come from an art school background, something which has been lost. Also, post-punk and rock in general used to have a finger on the pulse of contemporary black music and its innovations. Wether it be rock n roll, dub, doo wop, afrobeat, funk, jazz, disco . . groups were gleefully look elsewhere. But I doubt Belly, Sleeper or Oasis for that matter were coping the language and ideas of Graveddiggaz. Rock looked much closer to home and became increasingly insular. The Happy Mondays and the early post- rock groups took cues from house and hip-hop but it feels like an avenue left unexplored.  


And Loveless feels like the last true boundary pushing mainstream art rock record and that was yonks ago.


Despite all that, of course, there's always stuff on the fringes.

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This is Bryde, which is the solo project of the (former?) singer of the (possibly disbanded?) folky-ish band Paper Aeroplanes. She's spent the last year or so releasing singles and EPs, and today is the last one before her debut album comes out next month. This one's got an unexpected hint of a Sinead-O'Connor's-first-album vibe to it:



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