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Edge #317 - Sea of Thieves, MH World, Yakuza 6, Dave White


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Cover: Sea of Thieves





Underworld Ascendant

The Occupation


Two Point Hospital

Rhythm Doctor

Roundup: Labo, Kentucky Route Zero, Onrush, Detective Pikachu, WoW: BFA



Monster Hunter World - 9

Yakuza 6 - 8

Dragonball FighterZ - 7

Fe - 7

Dissidia NT - 5

Full Metal Furies - 5

The Inpatient - 4

Dandara - 5



Uncharted Waters: Sea of Thieves

Minds and Bodies: A look at the portrayal of disability in games

Block Party: How the blockchain could change how we play games

The Making of: Pyre

Studio Profile: Bulkhead Interactive

Time Extend: Dishonored

The Long Game: Minecraft

Also, Dave White!


As an aside, I'm happy that Rhythm Doctor is becoming a full game - I S-ranked everything in the web version and enjoyed it enough to throw a donation at the maker :wub: 


I was expecting a Labo cover story and exclusive blowout considering their luxury of monthly issues, but I'm guessing they need time to get facts and publish a good story rather than the mad hype that's going around the internet?

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16 minutes ago, Qazimod said:

Yakuza 6 - 8


Ooh, that's a nice advance review they've got there. With that, the articles on Underworld Ascendant, Fe, Pyre, Dishonored, and the Minds and Bodies feature I'm looking forward to my copy of Edge falling through the door!

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31 minutes ago, VN1X said:

Loving that cover. 


Yeah. Spot varnish*, foils, text reversed out of the image; that's the stuff of yer classic Edge design. N-i-i-i-ce.


The skull design itself is pretty clever, too. Props to the cover designer for this one.



*I'm not saying this has been spot varnished, just that that's the kind of finishing you get in classic Edge,

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Pleased with the MH score. That's gone straight to the top of my list. I'm a little disappointed they didn't bother with a SotC remaster review, although I understand why they haven't done one.


Is Sea of Thieves a timed exclusive, or an exclusive exclusive?

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