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5 hours ago, Nick R said:


The latter do have one of the best names in the series, though.


Which is why when I was trying to think of an alien species that appeared in one book and were never mentioned again, theirs was the first name that sprang to mind!

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16 hours ago, Plums said:


The Affront win that surely, along with many other awards for just being generally great.


I think they are the worst of all his aliens. They really spoil Excession with how badly they are written.

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On 11/03/2018 at 08:20, jonamok said:

Prediction: It will be cancelled.


Now we’ve covered all the bases.


Ding ding ding!




(Yes, I heard about this via someone on Twitter making the "Cancel Culture" joke.)


The intended showrunner says:



“We’d talked about it for two or three years and it went a certain way along,” says Kelly. “I’d written probably 20-30 pages of the bible, but once I got a sense that it wasn’t going to happen, I had to stop writing because you become emotionally attached to the work. You think, I can’t bring myself to write work that I think may not happen, especially not that, because I loved Iain Banks. I loved those novels, I thought they were incredible.”


“In the end, I just think the estate didn’t want to go through with it. It wasn’t the material. They hadn’t seen anything [he had written], it was just because I think they weren’t ready to do it, for whatever reason. I’m a little mystified myself, to be honest.”


“I don’t know why it fell through, because it looked like it was all lined up to be really, really interesting but it just didn’t happen. I think I sort of smelt that something was coming a little while before and then decided I had to stop working on it. I thought, if I’m not going to get the chance to write these, I can’t get emotionally involved in it.”


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I've always thought a decent anime series would suit it best.


Could even start by making graphic novels of the books and see if they work.


Oh well. We'll always have (*thinks of Paris equivalent*) Chirak Orbital? The Grey Area? 

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11 minutes ago, Ste Pickford said:



Not everything needs to be adapted for the screen.

Agreed - it was bound to be terrible but I’d have felt obliged to watch it and get pissed off.

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17 minutes ago, Don Wiskerando said:

Agreed.  I wish Narrativia would be as cautious as IMB's estate.


Slightly different situation, as the Watch TV series started development when Terry Pratchett was still alive. There's footage of him talking about it at the SFX office in 2011 here.

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