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New Mario movie from Illumination


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3 hours ago, barkbat said:

Given that this is Hollywood being asked to make a Mario movie, I really can't imagine better than what is in those trailers. Looks wonderful.


Well, France.


Looks great but the script and cookie cutter "well THAT happened" humour is flippin awful in the trailers.

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12 hours ago, jonamok said:

Kudos to SNL. You gotta try very hard to be that unfunny.


12 hours ago, JPickford said:

It's almost perfectly unfunny.  An achievment in itself.


You don't get it? Let me explain why it is funny;


Super Mario Brothers as a video game series is very bright, abstract and colorful, so much so that some would say it is even primarily aimed at children. Right now, in social circles, the video game series TheLastOfUs is very popular.


Unlike SMB, in contrast TLOU is a very adult narrative, dark and realistic/gritty action game.


What SNL has done, is to imagine ANOTHER show is coming out at the same time that shares many of the same traits of TLOU. What is funny then, is that they have presented a concept of a SMB show that throws away it's bright, abstract and colorful tones and shockingly replaces them with the same dark tones of TLOU.


The inclusion of Pedro Pascal (the same actor from TLOU) only goes to highlight this, they even make out that this new SMB show is also by HBOmax to hammer this home.



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1 hour ago, makkuwata said:

I think it’s quite fun.


But I do think Studio 60 was unfairly criticised in its day for being unfunny. They pretty much nailed it.


They nailed the stilted humour, but 30 Rock did it better when they showed any sequence from TGS.

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