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Doctor Sleep


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  • 4 years later...

I’m really surprised there’s only two posts on this! 

Anyway, I totally avoided this at the time of the release, it felt a bit cynical having a sequel to one of the best psychological horrors of all time, made even more cynical by Stephen King, who famously hated the film at the time, deciding to write a sequel based around the films themes. But what got me interested was it was directed by Mike Flannigan, who has made some excellent Netflix horror series, so I thought I’d give it a try as it’s on Netflix.


so yeah, like @skadupuk said, it’s pretty good, but yeah, I got the sinking feeling of flashbacks to reading a Stephen King novel when I was younger, the many Stephen King subplots filling out the book to be a ridiculous number of pages. Mike Flannigan manages to keep it fairly tight, and unless he took a Stanley Kubrick approach of completely rewriting the story to focus on one character, he did a pretty decent job. Still, there’s probably too many things going on (who is the antagonist, the vampires or the hotel? Who is the hero, Danny or the girl? 


It might sound sacrilege, but I actually think this would have benefitted from some cgi deep fake type approach for the flashback scenes involving the characters from the Shining. It’s a little bit jarring seeing someone else play Shelly Duval or Jack Nicholson’s characters, in the same outfits and settings as the Shining. Maybe someone could do a deepfake version of it in the future.


But yeah, pretty decent considering the baggage of the superlative Shining it carries, they did a good job of making a decent sequel.

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