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What We Do in the Shadows - TV version


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For me it’s that bit in the Jackie Daytona episode where he’s formulating his plan for the talent contest and he says to the volleyball coach “you can do impressions” and she just pulls a face and goes “my wiiife!”. Can’t stop thinking about it.

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I love this thing! It's amazing how much they were allowed to just go to town with all the horror special effects stuff, and I love how little throwaway gags in some episodes turn up/are referenced again to provide a sense of continuity, like the possessed doll. It doesn't hurt that the entire cast are just perfect. 

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Odd one...


Would anybody like a ladies tshirt free of charge. A Nadja one and a Pawnee Goddess one (Parks and Rec)





Ive somehow ended up with a M and L in both tshirts.


So thats 4 free tshirts to anyone who would enjoy them or like to gift them along.


All tagged up, brand new. I'll stick them in the post for free. Merry Xmas!

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1 hour ago, Steely said:

No worries chaps, drop me your addresses in a PM.


nadja-boiled-potatoes (Ladies M)  James C

nadja-boiled-potatoes (Ladies L) Revlob

pawnee-goddesses-rainbow (Ladies M)

pawnee-goddesses-rainbow (Ladies L) Papalazarou




Thanks, I've PMed you. 

You're very generous. Have a great Xmas. 

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