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Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)


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That's a good shout; plenty of fun for fans of drawing grid-based maps on the second screen. Truly, the 3DS is the natural home of the dungeon crawler!


In a very different different genre, Virtue's Last Reward is £3.99 if you inexplicably haven't played it already on something. That's the price of one (1) fancy coffee for my second-favourite visual novel (Trials and Tribulations just beats it), aka my 22nd favourite game of all time.


Seriously, get it if you haven't already. Then don't read the thread on here about it until you've finished the fucker.

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I played VLR first and then went back to 999 and had a great time with both. In fact, there was a certain element of VLR that accidentally became a twist by virtue of me playing the games out of order!


I think the general accepted consensus is that you should play 999 first though. I guess it depends on your appetite for these things. They can be treated completely separately but there are some through lines.


I would consider VLR essential, but 999 merely very good. 

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2 hours ago, gratuitous sax said:

The Zero Escape collection is currently on GamePass so I was going to leave VLR, but it would suit me better to play it on handheld. 



I KNEW last night when I bought this on PS4 I had seen the artwork somewhere recently. It's because it's already downloaded from Gamepass and ready to go 😞

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19 hours ago, Paulando said:

Spyro the Dragon, maybe? Perfect for kids.


EDIT: Oh wait, that’s not exactly a hidden gem. Hmm.


Have they done much to them?  Look much nicer, any decent QOL improvements?

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Tried to purchase VLR only to find no funds and I need to purchase eshop credit...tried topping up using my credit card from my main account on the PC but those funds dont appear to become available in the 3ds eshop. Typical Nintendont

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I got error codes when attempting to purchase from the eshop... which never happens with switch purchases.


Haven't used the 3ds shop for some time so wonder if it's no longer linked to the account as the 3ds did die and have to go off for repair (checking the settings on my online account can see the nintendo network ID is definitely still linked but looks like on the 3ds it isn't so will try adding it again from the 3ds)


All sorted now and purchased. Just seen another game on offer that looks interesting Sadame, anyone got opinions to share of this game?

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On 05/05/2022 at 23:17, Gloomy Andy said:

A few of the Etrian Odyssey games are reduced as well. 


I think I read IV was a good starting point for people so I might get that too. 




The 3DS versions are gorgeous. I might be a bit biased though :)



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I did have a thought of picking up a physical copy of some of those in the past. Then I saw the prices they command (particularly the Untold games) and decided that I don't want them that badly :lol:

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I had a hankering for some Peggle. I tried the Peglin demo on Steam but didn't get on with it. Turns out someone had already done the whole "Peggle but a roguelike" and I ended up with Roundguard which is excellent







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11 hours ago, smac said:

How're the Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment conversions on Switch?

I don't have them yet myself but there's some good discussions on Reddit about the relative merits of these conversions. I'm going to get the Baldur's gate package myself because I prefer combat and exploration to reading reams of text. By all accounts the Switch ports are very good if you can forgive the dated graphics.


This I took from Reddit:




Eh, ... Planescape is widely considered one of the best-written games of all time. You don't make a character so much as play a pre-made character that evolves however you choose. The mechanics are relatively mind-blowing relative to fantasy and DnD tropes: the main character doesn't wear armor, can replace things like his eyeball, and find upgrades merely through the power of dialogue. Highlights include the portable dungeon, talking skull, and the contents of a particular golden sphere. This game has by far some of the most in-depth RPG writing you'll ever find. Comparable games: Alpha Protocol, KOTOR2, New Vegas, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Dragon Age: Origins.


Baldur's Gate has a serviceable plot, but largely sticks to fantasy conventions (hardly surprising if you know Forgotten Realms). It is perhaps the definitive Bioware game in that the staples of party romances, and character subplots really originated here. You customize a single character in a rich world of NPCs and intrigue. Comparable games: Mass Effect series, KOTOR1, later Dragon Age games.


Icewind Dale on the other hand is a total smash-and-grab dungeon crawl with the same engine. You create not just a single protagonist--there is no protagonist, you create the entire six person party. This kills some of the interest derived from what made PS:T and BG great, but it allows for a straightforward experience. If you prefer the combat scenarios, this is your game. Comparable games: Old-school Ultima games.


If I had to pick ONE game of these bundles to play it would be Planescape: Torment. BG1 is more or less noted because it revamped DnD for the 90s, whereas prior to that it was mostly old-school garbage "gold box" TSR games that weren't very good by any critical standard. The infinity engine was a major step forward, and people were already imagining the power of what the engine could do in later games. Much like how the first iteration of any game in a new engine is something of a tech demo, so to it was with BG1. Meaning, that it can feel rather empty compared to newer games, even later games made with the infinity engine (which is every other game in this list). BG1 is also very rough and is unabashedly a brutal game playing by low-level DnD rules. It's also HUGE, and can feel like a significant barrier or time-sink prior to playing the vastly improved BG2 (if you feel like running a character through both games).


But I must say that BG2 has some of the most insane moment's I've ever seen in a tactical RPG; like trying to fight the Demilich that casts Time Stop, Banishment and Power Word: Kill like he's handing out candy."

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I played BG1 on release; have a boxed P:T that has never been played - seems simplest to buy the Switch 2-pack to play P:T, as long as they're decent conversions.


Sound like they are, thanks, both.

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