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Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)


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1 hour ago, Stoppy2000 said:

Anyone bought KOTOR? Is it any good on the switch or best left as a fond memory (which I barely played so don't know how the story plays out etc)

Yeah, looks sharp and runs well (as well as it ever did). Only odd issue is that they’ve added a combat status window that takes up half the screen whenever you enter combat. The text within is a sensible size, but the border around it is massive. Not a deal breaker, just odd. Hope it gets patched out.

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Fucking huge amount of shit on sale ATM




I got to page 11 sorted like that and had to stop, but things that stand out:



Castlevania Advance (only 3 quid off but still)

Other Bethesda things


Katamari Reroll

Tetris Effect


Olli Olli

The Data East arcade stuff

Last Campfire


Red Faction Guerilla Remarstered

Herzog Zwei

NMH Travis Strikes Back (half price)


Seriously there's a metric shit tonne of stuff

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10 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


From what I can see on Deku Deals it's the first time it's been on offer digitally.

Yeah it’s basically a Nintendo first party game in that sense. (I guess they did publish it)

I doubt it will ever be cheaper if anyone is thinking of holding out. 

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1 hour ago, moosegrinder said:

I'm really not feeling it. I've paid for it now so I'm going to give it a good shake but I feel like there's something fundamental I'm missing.


Nah, I don't think you're missing anything. I thought it was pretty dreadful unfortunately. 


Tempted by Boomerang X and Grindstone. I've had my eye on Spirit Hunter: NG for a spoOOoooOOoky visual novel and that's got some money off.


Absolutely no time in my packed gaming schedule to play any of them of course, but I'm looking forward to agonising over buying them for the whole weekend, eventually giving in and then not touching them for months. 

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7 minutes ago, Rex Grossman said:

Ugh. Thanks.

I've just gone through the thread and I didn't post about it so I can't remember exactly what it was, sorry. It definitely made me go "Fuck this game" though and I sold it. Prolly better off looking out for a physical cheap because then at least you can recoup summat if you do hit the same wall.

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I picked up Cyber Shadow after waiting ages on it being in a good sale (it still isn't at 20% off, but I think it was only 10% the previous time) and it's brilliant after a couple of hours. Any fans here? I haven't seen much chat around it that I can remember. It's like the good bits of The Messenger.

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