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Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

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I’ve played the all through the original XCOM 2 campaign on the Switch and it’s performance is totally fine. I did have a weird bug in some later missions where the game would get stuck at the end of a turn and not progress, which could be incredibly annoying at times, but it didn’t happen often.


All the same, I’m not sure I’d try to do it in Ironman mode, but from what I understand that’s sound advice on all the console ports as I gather it can be a bit buggy regardless of version.

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Just seen there is a game called Supraland coming out. Had a look at PC reviews (came out last year on PC) and the game looks really interesting.


Switch trailer:



Quick Look from Giant Bomb:


The game is out on the 22nd of this month for £17.99, plus also out on GamePass and PS4.

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I find it so hard to resist games in the store that were priced at £13-14 and are reduced to 89p


Moto Rush GT is my latest shite purchase - it looks like a solid enough motorbike arcade racer where you are racing thru cities avoiding traffic (not a circuit yawn fest).


Only have to play for 5mins to justify 89p

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1 hour ago, deerokus said:

And it absolutely chews through battery, wow! 

I never noticed games drawing more battery power until I bought Snooker 2019. The Switch is lucky to go 2 hours from full when this is on. And it's hitting balls around. Poorly optimised I guess.

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37 minutes ago, nightwaxon said:

I've been hoping for a while that Horace would get ported to the Switch. I saw recently that it was planned and lo and behold the first review is in (that I've seen). 10/10.



Sounds interesting! I’ve rather come to trust Nintendo Life’s verdicts so I’m sure this’ll be up my street. 

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On 20/10/2020 at 21:41, mdn2 said:

Tangle Tower is on sale at the minute (30% off) and a lot of fun. A detective murder mystery with eccentric characters and some decent puzzles. Recommended.




And finished this morning. That was great - some really inventive puzzles and a decent sense of humour. 

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25 minutes ago, grounded_dreams said:

Just seen that Bloodroots is currently on sale, £1.59 90% off.

Looks like a decent game, has a MetaCritic score of 75.



It's a very good game. A more comical take on the Hotline Miami/Katana Zero style one-hit kill rampage game. The hook being you can use just about anything as a weapon, and there' stuff lying around all over the place. Inventive and silly.


The one issue really is that because it's 3D it loses some of the precision of those other titles. The camera struggles and control isn't as easy as it should be.


But you can't go wrong for that price. Well worth it.


Also, great potential for high score chases too. This was my effort maintaining a combo through the first level:


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I do love a 90% bargain - its like the golden age of the iPhone games store where every week you could snack on a few disposable games for a quid or two a pop, but unlike all the FTP rubbish that now fills the phone these cheap Switch games don't have all the FTP crap like ads/timers/IAP etc


Added Bloodroots to my download queue

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