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Selling your stuff - setting prices and where to do it

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Hello! I'm thinking of setting up a simple shop on my site do people can buy my photos but having difficulty with pricing and also what to sell. They are mostly landscape photos. 


I can sell prints or downloads, I'm tempted to sell just downloads and let people the arrange their own prints, but some people won't like that either. 


If you were to try and sell downloads or prints, what's a reasonable asking price.  Not looking to make a living, just a little bit on the side. 


Where else could I put images for sale? I am on istock and alamy but never put much effort into them. 

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A photographer I know sells his photos printed onto metal as it's the material that works best with his images, high contrast city landscapes, and he adds 30% to the printing as his cut, plus shipping costs. He get's them printed to order.


He tried selling just the downloadable images but that he found that most people want a complete product and also that would mean that you only get one fee even if the image is printed multiple times, and would be providing a very high quality image that could be used for purpose that would infringe your copy write.


Also when he sold digital images or allowed customers to pick the printing he found that his images were being printed at a poor quality which didn't display his work well and is why he know only prints them how he would like his work displayed.


Your work is really nice by the way. I could imagine them working really well as prints but also as a calendar for 2019 which you could take pre-orders on, both online and from local shops, if the contents was location specific to an area that gets some tourism.


EDIT: Your Devon work is stunning!

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