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Yorkshire Gubbins

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RPS bought my attention to this silly game.




It's an game set in Yorkshire!


Released in October 2017, Yorkshire Gubbins is an anthology of comedy point ‘n’ click adventure games featuring all the local touchstones you’d expect in god’s own country: tea, ginnels, pies, slugpeople clones, robots, and the greeting “ey up”. It’s funny, it’s warm, the puzzling flows nicely, and it’s all a tidy length. The prequel and tutorial are free and all, so have a go.

Welcome to Yorkshire! (I want to say it’s set round Hebden Bridge way? And not just because that’s all I really know.) Tea is life, a witch and a wizard run the local print shops, robots are made of asbestos, southerners are inevitably tosspots, and the slugpeople cloning everyone are actually quite friendly. Unfortunately, they’ve also cloned our pal Bertrella on her wedding day. In a prequel episode we try to figure out which Bertrella is real, then in the first main episode we’re trying to make amends for our imaginative investigative techniques.



There's a demo here called Verb School https://ayerobot.com/


and a prequel episode here at https://gamejolt.com/games/holy-molluscamony/256729/download/build/515073


I've only played the tutorial Verb School so far. Stick with it, at least until you enter the Door of Doom.





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19 minutes ago, MidWalian said:

A computer game?


When I was a lad we played with a burnt matchstick whilst in a ditch. 


16 minutes ago, JPickford said:



True, true; we used t'dream about 'aving our own ditch...


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8 hours ago, Mr Cochese said:

Wait - why would I buy the original if the sequel is free?


The tutorial and prequel episodes are free. The main game  is the one you pay for. I’m hoping to give it a try this weekend. I’ll post more details after that. I was sold on the demo tutorial alone.


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Somebody call the Game Police - this is clearly flouting the Game Laws that state all games should be set in America, Tokyo, Space, something approximating to Middle Earth, or the Mushroom Kingdom. We can't be having stuff set in Yorkshire! How will Average Joe in Farnbeck, Idaho react to that? The poor dude would get all confused and spill his Mountain Dew. By the power invested in me by Cliffy B I pronounce Yorkshire Gubbins guilty of violating all that is sacred when it comes to Video Games in 2018.







Seriously, this looks great.

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I've just spent half an hour playing Holy Molluscamony, the prequel you can play for free (if you play it within the paid game you get achievements for it. It's hiding in the bonus menu.)


It's Bertrella's wedding day but she's gotten herself cloned by a slug monster. (Classic Bertrella). You have to work out which one is the slug and which one is real while dealing with several really annoying relatives.


It's charming. With one puzzle that made me laugh quite a bit.

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5 hours ago, Unofficial Who said:


The tutorial and prequel episodes are free. The main game  is the one you pay for. I’m hoping to give it a try this weekend. I’ll post more details after that. I was sold on the demo tutorial alone.


Why aren't the episodes a main game if they're a sequel? That's just confusing.

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17 hours ago, Mr Cochese said:

But you haven’t explained anything. There are sequels out that are prequels, and they’re free? As a Yorkshireman, I must know this.


Alright. Here's the deal.


Yorkshire Gubbins comes with Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is coming soon. The dev is looking at making five chapters in all. For now she's also packed in the tutorial "Verb School" and the prequel she made for a game jam (but polished up.)


If you only want to try it out and you want a demo to make sure her humour is the sort you'll like you can play the tutorial in a browser. Or you can play the prequel by downloading it from Gamejolt.



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On 11/01/2018 at 23:31, Mr Cochese said:

i feel like you're being evasive on the whole free sequel thing.


It's the prequel and tutorial that's free. Let me explain it...actually no. All you need to know as a Yorkshire man is this. It involves a pie unmade. Slug monsters. And normalness.


I've played through episode one now. It's short (playing through this, the prequel and the tutorial will take less than a couple of hours.) Still charming the whole way through and very very English, something I've missed in games for a long time.

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This is really charming. 

Not just because of the accents but it reminds me of Wallace and Grommit, really gives a nice comforting homely feeling and I'm from that there London as it is.

It's genuinely funny too, maybe not wetting my pants funny but actual chuckles quite often which is rare in games these days too.


Happy to have paid the three or four quid or whatever it was and look forward to the other chapters. 


I'd have rather it had just slightly better visuals but again; 4 quid.

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On 14/01/2018 at 05:56, Mr Cochese said:

I’m just confused that the prequel is free but not the original game. You have to admit that makes no sense.


The story is this. She made the prequel in a game jam a few years back. Start to finish took her two weeks.


”Nice,” she thinks, “I ought to be able to make a longer episode in four weeks.”


It took longer. Still the prequel episode has apparently been doing the rounds for three years. Makes no sense for it to charge for it now. Think of it as a demo.

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