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Super Mario Land 2...now in glorious colour....

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I love this kind of passion project. Taking an old game and giving it a fresh pick of paint. Effectively making it how you saw it in your mind as a kid (I.e. Filling in the colour on a GameBoy game in your head as you play it if that makes sense) l. So many brilliant GameBoy games (the ones specifically designed as GameBoy games as opposed to downports of console games) that would benefit from this sort of treatment. Love it!

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This is a romhack?  Wow, looks good!


Game was still way too easy though.  I blame the battery-backed up save.  Games were better when you had to spend another whole day plowing through all the levels again until you got back to the same spot as the last time before you set a new benchmark *waveswalkingstick*

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