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Oh man, we only got some really cheap and nasty LCD arcade machines. Shops are full of them for secret santa gifts. Same type of games, Space Invaders, Frogger etc, just Game and Watch levels of detail and interaction. 


That said, JB HI FI have made some kind of handheld device that I might take a look at - about £15. Tempted just to see if it can be hacked or something.



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On 21/12/2017 at 21:46, Swainy said:

Yeah I think that the screen causes the slightly choppy display. They are not the arcade roms but feel very close to the originals.

I grabbed a a Space Invaders off eBay (cheaper than Menkind). Gonna 'attempt' the mod so I can play all 4 ROMs 

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On 23/12/2017 at 08:07, Swainy said:

Yeah I got mine from eBay, there’s an American seller doing them for just over £16 each.


I've seen him - He does all x4 I think?

I paid around £21 from US (still cheaper than Menkind) - Tempted to get another now..


...especially as I took back off and have seen how small the pads are....EEEEK...I'll risk it and at least I can get a replacement if I f**k up LOL

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I got the complete set of four of these delivered on Saturday from the US ebay seller doing them for around £16 each (I'd ordered between Christmas and new year). Pac-mans packing was was slightly dented as the 4 units had been squeeze into slightly too small a box but I didn't get hit with any import fees.  They look really cool and are currently out on display but are obviously primarily novelty items so the controls won't be up to marathon game sessions!


They ship in 'demo mode' which I think is good for display purposes, pressing one of the buttons triggers them to turn on and  immediately start a pre-recorded/ai game session (skipping the title screen) for 10 seconds or so before going back to sleep.  Turning the power on and off sets them to 'play mode' where they operate more like the original arcade machines (title screen, demo looks and obviously you can play).  I couldn't see it in the manual but I worked out if you want to re-enable demo mode for any reason, switch the machine off and switch it back on while holding down both of the control buttons.





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