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LuftrauserZ demake now out on the C64 (now free)

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It's finally out.





Not only is Paul Koller responsible for some of the greatest technical feats on the Commodore 64 (Super Bread Box, C64nabalt, and Micro Hexagon), his C64 demakes are also some of the most fun. Specialising in backwards porting games from modern systems which he thinks would suit the C64 graphics and cpu capabilities, his latest game is an official port of the 2014 game Luftrausers by Vlambeer  (Windows, OSX, Linux, PS3, Vita). It has taken three years to complete, and it’s easily his best yet. Set in an alternative universe's 20th century conflict, you are taken into the middle of a hostile sea in your submarine base. From here you can take off in your basic rauser (experimental sub launched fighter plane), where you instantly find yourself surrounded and under attack.


More at the link and it looks lovely.


It can be bought here in cart form http://rgcd.bigcartel.com/


and here in digital form https://rgcddev.itch.io/luftrauserz








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LuftrauserZ is now Free/PWYW!

Hey all, to celebrate 10 years of Vlambeer and to commiserate their studio closure, we've decided to make LuftrauserZ free/pay what you want.

Take to the skies in your mighty Rauser and hold your nerve until you see the sepia in the enemies eyes!


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