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They are Billions - PS4/XB1 July Release

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Lots of walls is the way to go. Lots of walls, lots of snipers and lots of Thanatoses. Clear the map as well as the remaining zombies all come at you in the final wave. Getting walls down early is good as well, the amount of games I've had fuck up around day 20 because one zombie gets in and it all snowballs into a shitshow is crazy.

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i always feel like Sir Alun in the advertising task when shite trailers like that are put out. just show the bloody product, not you lot poncing round like Alan Partridge dressed up in shower mats with sugar puffs stuck on your face

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just saw with the review in Metro that this has launched on consoles in last few days, I'd missed that as liked the look of it.


reviews seem a little mixed and I've seen criticism of it as a 'lazy port' with controls a bit lacking, also noted from Metro that the campaign mode isn't yet in the console versions, but hopefully coming soon.


£20 though on PS4 so I've taken a punt, which if it was a full whack game I wouldn't have.

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First impressions are not favourable, but that isn't a real judgement on the game, just how its presented which meant I didn't get to form an opinion.


Clunky menus with some tiny text pop up that is impossible to read on a 65" screen from the other side of the lounge, then you get dropped straight into the game with no explanation/tutorial or anything - loads of tiny icons and tiny text and a map screen you can move about, but I can't read what any of them are.


I couldn't read/see what anything was or did, and had no clue as the game doesn't hold your hand or introduce to anything, including what you're trying to achieve.


Game may be great but I quit at that point and suspect I've lobbed £20 down the pan.

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So I bought this blind yesterday - to be honest I was already sold at the Zombies, RTS & Tower Defense description.


Tough learning curve - as mentioned, no tutorials so it really is trial and error and it can all go devastatingly wrong within seconds - don't think I've lasted more than 7/8 days so far. Not being able to go back to earlier saves adds a lot of tension and risk to everything. Being able to pause and plan really helps even if just to explore the UI / menu system.


Very early days, but I think I'm enjoying it so far.

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Long story short bought this ages ago, never played it more than an hour on survival. Loaded it up to give it a go and there's a story mode but I'm getting my tits kicked in. The starting Rangers aren't very good so before I can get the quarry up and running to farm stone so I can build some military zombies come along and overwhelm everything. It's not even a horde, it's just a couple of shambling arseholes that my Rangers can't seem to deal with. Is it just bastard hard or unfair or am I being shit?

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