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Steam Secret Santa 2017


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I’m in again!


And I’d just like to apologise to my previous secret Santa’s, due to having 2 young kids and not a great pc I have barely played the games I’ve been gifted (or any games for that matter). But with a new pc on the way and the kids a little more grown up I have a few extra minutes to dedicate to my games :)


Just love over the spirit of this thread :D

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Part of the fun is considering what you think others might enjoy, as well as give a chance and come out surprised and feeling warm and fuzzy.


So, you know, you'll be getting GalGun instead. That's a good shooter for a shooter fan like yourself.

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10 minutes ago, clippa said:

It is not a good shooter, it's a shitty rail shooter for Japanese perverts that like looking at schoolgirls knickers!


Who cares about that when you care about rankings, high scores and leaderboards! Things you love! ^_^

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I never did get around to that from the summer sale, thanks for reminding me... HunieCam Studio distracted instead. ;)


One person gifted me Zero Punctuation: Hat Fall one year (it was admittedly on my wish list), and I kid you not, as much of a joke pointless 2minute game it might be, it's what I came back to most of the gifts that day, and in fact all I remember of that years Secret Santa gifts in general. Might just me though, of course.


It's the thought that counts.

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I have a name! *checks PMs*


This could be good - I feel like the tastes of my target and myself overlap in certain areas, and I have a tiny suspicion that this person has been my Santa in the past. Surprises could be tough - their list and their collection of owned games are hardly brief - but we'll see what the sales are like... :) 

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