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Collaborator wanted for art on an 18 card microgame

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Hi folks, I've designed an 18 card microgame for a competition on boardgamegeek here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1850645/18-card-microgame-contest-2017

I've got the mechanics down, played it a whole bunch, and it's a really nice, fun and efficient design. It's also completely without art and lacking in theme, and I was wondering if anybody here fancied helping out on that front. I'm not asking for professional work, just any hobbiests who want to work on something fun and produce something of good quality at the end. Also the game doesn't need loads of art, just a logo for the back at a minimum, but if anybody who is interested wants to do more that'd be great too. Finally, the barest bones of the theme is two things which are binary opposites (at the moment it's positive and negative numbers, because it started off as profit and loss, but that's genuinely boring).

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