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Ghost of Tsushima - New Sucker Punch IP


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Nice to see a straight historical game without myth/scifi stuff.


So many games from Japan about its history seem to have fully adopted the full list of tropes of jidaigeki/chambara and devolved into outright pastiche - I mean how many games have we had that have been "Sengoku but with youkai?" Most of them, I'd say. Onimusha, Nioh, the "famous battles that actually took place in ancient Japan with giant enemy crabs" Genji, basically all the Japanese setting musou ones.


I guess this sounds like I'm going "ah, finally the foreigners are going to get it right", but it's really more marvelling that this seems a good way of creating a game about Japanese history that appeals to the West - which has traditionally been a hard sell due to lack of familiarity. I think the most successful game about any asian culture was the WoW panda one, and that was also their least popular and worst selling.


This is grounded, it doesn't have the stock five anime personality types who are also voiced by Idols, or a female ninja whose clothes get damaged in battle. And the subject matter (a pivotal battle against a foreign army) seems more easily understood than the Sengoku's internal battles over culture.

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48 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:

Hmm, considering I like Sucker Punch mostly for their vertical antics, I find myself curiously wondering how vertical feudal Japan can get.

Samurai turned shinobi sounds promising though.

None more vertical and feudal and Japanese than... wait for it.. Tenchu. So I'm assuming (hoping) that this is somehow an open world Tenchu with elements of Way of the Samurai thrown in :)

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The world looks great graphically and they have chosen a really interesting historical period, but I do have reservations about Sucker Punch's ability to produce a satisfying stealth action game. The combat is going to have to be much better than the Infamous games which relied on OTT super powers to be interesting.

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Watched that this morning. They've nicked wholesale the fear takedowns from Arkham Knight (or were those nicked from another game again?). It looks good, but the animation is off. From's game looks better, but I'll be keeping an eye on this. 

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