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ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

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This looks like good fun, much better than all those po-faced, serious racing games we've had recently. The shunting of the other racers and all the flying debris feels very Burnout to me, which is very much a good thing. I'll be keeping my eyes on this.

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Great news Rushy, I'm glad you guys seem to have been left to do something new rather than used on Codies more standard projects. With the quality of previous Evolution titles I know this will be totally worth the wait. I'm in.


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Hopefully the Codemasters influence will add a better handling model to the game - for all their graphical sheen I found the MotorStorm series (and Driveclub) very poor to play, it was like next gen graphics with an old digital PS1 handling model. 


I know they weren’t meant to be Gran Turismo but stick the Burnout Paradise or Criterion Need For Speed handling model in MotorStorm and the game would have been far more to my liking, they always felt too ‘stiff’, which particularly felt at odds with the great terrain in MotorStorm. 



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