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It's always interesting when you are researching a generic 'classic' dish (as opposed to something more specific and prescriptive) about all the arguments and conflicting views of it, and with it being the internet how shouty and affronted people get when one of their own personal rules gets broken.


One wrong vegetable or spice and the 'inauthentic police' chime up, and its not just regional US differences, the curry pages are full of it too. 


Some folks swear jambalaya has to be cooked on the hob and browned at the bottom, Serious Eats take the view that you get better more evenly cooked rice by finishing the dish off in the oven not on the hob, there is very little stirring after the rice is added.


I worry less about authenticity, which you can often never find a definitive version of anyway, and make what I want to eat



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Just going back to Parmesan being a bit of a hassle, try keeping it in the freezer. 


I saw Simon Hopkinson do this when he had a series on BBC. He put a few cubes of Parmesan into the chopped attachment for his stick blender and blitzed it to dust. He then put it in a bag and left in the freezer. I'm guessing it's something to do with the high fat content but it doesn't set into a lump when in the freezer, just stays crumbly. 


Maybe I'm a monster for following his lead but he has won awards and stuff so I guess it's fine. 

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15 hours ago, emerald fox said:

I haven't made jambalaya before but my initial thought is that you might be stirring it too much as the more rice is stirred the more starch it releases


This is definitely true of paella. The rice isn't meant to be stirred at all or you get a stodgy mess. Complete opposite to risotto. Also, as someone mentioned before, washing the rice thoroughly to remove starch is very important.

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First up a review of the beef cheek ragu I made last week - amazing and into the top 3 recipes, totally trumps the previous Serious Eats ragu I posted.


New recipe time, I like a goulash but don't want a freezer full of stew and mash, I've had this Hungarian meatball recipe tagged for a while to try out. To get some stock out of it I doubled the meatball quantity and did 1.5x the sauce (their pic looked long on sauce as usual). The side is a traditional Hungarian pepper/onion stew called lecso, which is very simple to knock up.





Straight out the pan the the meatballs taste nice, but the sauce lacks a little punch (despite being made up with authentic imported Hungarian sweet paprika) - I did though make a similar paprikash recipe a few months back and that went from bland to quiet fiery after maturing in the pot, so hopefully this does the same.


I like the concept - so suspect it will get tried again with a few tweaks (will lose the mushrooms next time and kick up the paprika if needed).




Also after a lack of cooking over xmas/new year I put a few of these into stock too, its the tried and trusted butter chicken/daal/saffron rice with a new veggie side taken from pav bhaji. 



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1 hour ago, carlospie said:

Where are those trays from please? 


They are all from a co called Emerald Living on amazon - great quality, freeze and reheat and clean up perfectly

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27 minutes ago, bobontheway said:

Right @Gotters, you've convinced me to try out that Beef Cheeks ragu this weekend. I made a Bolognese the other day for my lunches and after reading through those recipes I realise I need to up my game.


Good luck - as I said in the post I did the TinEats recipe but with about 1.4kg of beef cheeks, so had to up the cook time considerably as per the other recipe I posted.

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Previous pot reviews - love the concept of the hungarian meatballs, and the veg side is lovely, the sauce was just lacking punch but it will return as the staple idea of meatballs rice veg and a sauce to turn the thing into whatever you want is a good one.


Today was time constrained and looking to create some good comfort food stock - sometimes the recipes are quite elaborate and need a lot of ingredients, nothing flash going on here today - 13 meals into stock with my Ocado arriving at 915 and the last bit of washing up done and away by 1230. 


Chilli mac is a really quick 1 pot thing from here https://www.recipetineats.com/one-pot-chili-mac-and-cheese/ (I use more meat than the recipe and upped the spice accordingly)


Sausage mash and beans is just school dinners, but I do make the onion mustard gravy and my other half has taken a liking to sous vide mash (it does taste more potatoey).



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