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The New Mutants


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I just watched this. I’m a big fan of the New Mutants comics this is based on & I really like the characters involved, so you know I have a very high tolerance for X-Men stuff, but this is easily the worst movie of them all. It’s just so incredibly cheap looking throughout & there’s very little ‘mutanty’ stuff going on. It’s mostly just a bunch of boring people sitting round talking about how hard they get it. The only time it goes outside the same 3 or 4 rooms is for the finale which is completely half-baked. 

The whole thing felt like episode 6 of a Netflix 10-part series. I can understand why Fox, who released Apocalypse & Dark Phoenix, shelved it for so long. Aside from being really badly made & lazily directed I don’t think any of the actors put in much of a performance. Rahne & Sam in particular are terrible. 

They talked about this having a horror vibe at the time, but I think they might have meant horrible.

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I thought this was ok. It’s nothing special but I thought it was competent enough. The performances are a little uneven and it’s got some tacky lines but that’s hardly unique amongst X-Men films.

I thought how personal it was was pretty interesting, and though it wasn’t scary I thought the nightmare sections were pretty good. Focusing on less characters, having less powers and action and keeping things confined worked for me, and I thought it was an interesting take on teen mutants.


It was a bit boring in places, and kinda OTT in others, but I liked Ilyana and Roberto. It’s certainly not X-Men 3 or Origins levels of bad, it’s more just a bit bland and doesn’t explore any of its ideas in much depth. A solid 6/10.

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I was honestly expecting a complete disaster, but it was just......there. I didn't hate it like with Fan4stic Four. It had some interesting ideas that may have worked if not for studio meddling.


Would rather watch this again than the last two MCU entries.

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