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Forza 7 - Historic Trophy Season 4


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The upcoming release of the latest Forza game, will bring shortly afterwards the return of the RLLMUK Historic Trophy!


Classic Roadsports, 1960-79



For those who competed in previous seasons, we have some minor variations in rules and Spec - we're leaning a little later than before with a 1960-1979 date range, and the PI limit has come up to 450. We're also bringing in a power cap at 350hp to try and keep the spread within 100hp or so. The traditional rules around rollcage, gearboxes tyres and rims are all still here, make sure to read the Technical regulations page when you build.


Loot cars that fit the requirements are eligible if you're lucky enough to get one *koff* Stratos *koff*, but there's still plenty of good stuff available.


The race meetings will be as before, a 3-lap qually session sets the grid for race 1, the fastest laps in race 1 set the grid for race 2, both races being about 20 minutes.


The calendar:

29th October: Maple Valley Short

12th November: Mugello Club

26th November: Suzuka West (expect some Weather ;))

10th December: Lime Rock Park


Meetings to start at 8.30PM UK time.


Permitted cars: 



Tech regs:



The F1 series has been dropped because of a scheduling issue, and the car is rather expensive.


If there's interest, we'd also like to run a fixed-stock 1hr Enduro race in Lola T70s at sebring after the championship finishes.

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  • 3 weeks later...

No, it's not! the quietness of the thread had meant I'd kind of shelved it, but I think we should be able to scare up a grid now.




I think I'll drop the F1s though and we'll just concentrate on the Roadsports class.

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11 minutes ago, Meatball said:

I'm up for some action in this, work shifts permitting. Checking my roster it's looking like I'm in on a afternoon/eve shift for that first round unfortunately :(

Looks ok for the next couple after though.


even if you've not picked a car yet, #43 i take it?

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Just came back and saw this. Annoying thing is I wont be home on Sunday until 9:30pm.



Late this weekend

Here next wekend (5th November)

Away the weekend after (12th November)

Back the weekend after (19th November)

Away the weekend after that (26th November)

And should be fine after that.


If that is too inconsistent for you I understand and will come back for the next championship.


But for the weekends that I can make it (I have no chance of winning to be fair) I will choose a BMW 2002 Turbo, number 51 please :)

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Excellent stuff. Make sure you send me (RichXM655) or Kurzheck a friend request before tomorrow evening so we can get the lobby together.


kurz and I had a dummy run of the meeting last night, which was successful (eventually) so she’ll be hosting on then night.

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Would love to race historics with you all again :) Had a blast joining in the fun in previous games, so woo!


However, 8:30 PM UK time is way too early for me - F1 Mexican GP starts at 7:00 PM so I will be working until 9:30 at the soonest...

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it’s ironic as I wanted a slightly earlier start than the 9PM it used to be to help the folks on European time... :)


but don’t worry if you have to miss a meeting- the championship scoring has 2 dropped scores out of 8, so as long as you can make the others then you’ll still be in the running.

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Thanks to everyone who took part last night - the results and standings are on the blog, and there should be a meeting report later in the week.




Looks like we'll have a bigger grid at Mugello in two weeks.


Meatball, I'm still fiddling with the Holden - I'll share a tune later this week.

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In she came with a bumpety bump

bump, bump, bump


Round two (mugello, Club circuit) next sunday! Can anyone thwart the tiny might of my Fiat? 





@McSpeed @Dimahoo - if you guys can make this one, can I get your preferred race numbers, please? I can get your car choices on the night so don't worry if you're not settled on anything in particular yet


@delb2k -  From your schedule you'll only be able to make the last round at Lime Rock, but you're still more than welcome to come along to it - the more the merrier :)


@batistutauk - are you still wanting to come along? You seemed to come onlne just after we got started last time so we missed you :(


aaand finally... Boozy might have mentioned @Meerman last time out, It'd be great if you could make it too :)




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