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Sushi Striker: The Way of the Sushido - out now!!

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One of the zanier — and undeniably more intriguing — announcements during this year's E3, was the puzzle-action game, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. The game is being developed by indieszero, the same development studio behind quirky portable titles like NES Remix and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.


In the game, players will be tasked with eating sushi and stacking the plates after they’re done faster than their opponent can. Those same plates, however, can also be used as weapons (!) against the other player.

In order to beat challengers and progress, players must draw a line between the same types of sushi that appear on a conveyer belt. The goal is to collect as many pieces as possible before bringing them to your place and gobbling them up.


This being developed by an indie studio who's earned its stripes, and the game having a real Elite Beat Agents vibe as well, gives us all the more reason to look forward to it :)


Launch trailer:



Opening movie:





>>  Official website.


Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido will be released this June.









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That's one catchy theme song:





All together now:


"Hey! Rashaina mesama desu-ka?

Sushigami style samurai machigainai! 

Menomai ni a fure da hikare no-ore... 

Toreni dan-dan dandan dan! 


Osawa mo ede odo temawakute

Hika hika hikaa rigagyai tedoyatte

Shoushin sho-me, this is Edomai fish

Toreni dan-dan dandan dan! 


Haraskashite tamane kimochi-de yubikowaete miteru dake ketsumane! 

Hiraki tasu sushigeto... So!! One step!! memaguru shuku mawaru sekai no maete! 

Sushi like a tachu no fight mind gahi bama bachu bachu butsukari so hachimari... 

Tori ma guute tabema kuute!




Crash, crash, crash, crash! Uzuete iku!! 

Step, step, step, step! Aga-ate iku!!

Akasakana amayarawan Odoro-o dance, dance, dance, dance Sushi lane drive! 

Chance, chance, chance, chance! Sukannde iku!!

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce! Hazunnde hiku!!

Akasakana amayarawan Odoro-o dance, dance, dance, dance Sushi lane drive!!"

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Core gameplay is fun, the amount of cutscenes and dialogue to get through is a bit much for a puzzle game, but for £40 I’d expect there to be lots of other modes.


It also shows why there is still a place for 3DS. The touchscreen controls are okay but anything else seems like a severe handicap. It was obviously made with a stylus in mind.

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I gave the demo a little go and I can see how it's been designed to work but it wasn't really my cup of tea. Just not especially fun. It seems a little too beholden to RNG, as daft as that sounds. If the plates line up, you're laughing. If not, there's not much you can do, it seems. I didn't get the sense of setting anything up for a big payoff, which is what I generally find enjoyable with puzzle games.


Also, I expected it to be fifteen quid or something, so that price is quite shocking and I've spent plenty on some right eShop tat. 

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I found myself just smashing the A button and moving the stick and seemed to do well - if there’s strategy here (which I think there is) I’mnkt quick enough (or can’t see clearly enough on the small screen) to deploy it. 

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I was playing with my 8bitdo, and it seemed the stick was too sensitive, meaning I'd skip over the sushi I wanted and end up on the next. Looks like a game that'd excel on 3DS where the stylus would make it more accurate and faster, though I did feel there was a bit of strategy coming though maybe.


It'll be like Bomberman and Puyo Pop Tetris for me, one for the <£20 sales that they never appear in!

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I found it very difficult to evaluate the board quickly - the plates all look very similar and having multiple different types of sushi on the same colour plate makes it more confusing.


I'm sure with more time I'd get my head around it but I felt so far from competent when playing.


Also the voice acting. Good lord it's annoying.

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