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Guess the film from the screenshot


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It’s Holiday on the Buses.


About two minutes after this scene, the girl in the picture runs for a bus and her breasts pop out of her top*. Stan gawps at her and crashes the bus, resulting in him and Jack getting fired and ending up working at a Butlins style summer camp.  

He gets a cheap holiday for the family, but while waving to Arthur and Olive, Arthur, bike, sidecar and family get run off the road resulting in their luggage ending up in the river. Later they end up painting their own chalet and blowing up a toilet. 

* As I understand, if you did frame by frame advance, you could actually see her bare breasts for around 8 frames. Too far and you got back to Stan’s leering face. It could take some work to get the pause correct. So I was told.


I’ve never seen the film.

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