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Games with disturbing Gigeresque imagery

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Scorn (see other thread) got me thinking about this - a lot of games in the late 80s and early 90s had very Gigeresque images and I think it typified so much visual design of the more sci fi games of those periods. A lot of them were shooters, a classic example being R-Type:




What other games can people remember that tried to ape this visual style, either from that time period or more recently?

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1 hour ago, Let us measure said:

Please no one post images of Ecco's final boss - still sends shivers down my spine. :unsure:


I'm fucking terrified of Ecco, traumatised me. I remember jumping about all chill then getting sucked up. 


The last level though, fuck that. How it scrolled and killed you. And that horrific music. Wertrrrrrrggghhh weeerrrgghjj. Then that terrifying last boss 

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36 minutes ago, petrolgirls said:

Outside of Alien games and shmups (which are mostly inspired by Giger) it gets a little trickier. Captain Blood?




Ah forgot about Captain Blood! They don't make them like that anymore... Actually I don't think they ever made them like that.

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Salamander - shooter by Konami in the 80s had a very much Giger feel to it.


One of my favourite shooters of all time... and thanks to this thread just realised it has been released on the PS4....get in... and Vulcan Venture too...great day! :) Will be downloading both tonight :) 

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17 minutes ago, scottcr said:

you've all forgotten about Darkseed


Yeah, all true — except for the first reply in the thread by @Blu3Flame, which says:


16 hours ago, Blu3Flame said:

Darkseed. Although that was Giger, so not sure if it counts.




I think that final Ecco sequence took me months to beat and just to make it worse, that one time I did was so easy!

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5 minutes ago, earlymodernsteve said:

@Blu3Flame said it in the first reply... Always wanted to play that but don't know how well it'd hold up now.


It's well worth playing. This game blew my mind when i was a kid. Voice acting and cut scenes... in an amiga game? I must admit without a walkthrough it's pretty difficult because you have to be at certain places at certain times. I think one day i was just like... i need to complete this game and with a walkthrough I finished it within 45 minutes. The ending is disappointing to be honest but it's filled with great artwork. Just check out a youtube playthrough otherwise.

Always wanted to Play darkseed 2, just never got round to it.

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