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Xbox Live Indie Games RIP (2008 - 2017)

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Oh man. I spent the last few days playing the XBLIG games I splurged on (about 50), and also the 200 or so demos I have.


I really wish this were still around. Found a ton of demos I never thought to buy, and now can never play the full games.


* Star Cross

Sci-fi RPG with the weirdest graphics style I have ever seen.


* Rise of Gaddafish

Turn into a fish, swim into Gaddafi's toilet, take over Libya. Hilarious.


* Alderman

Weird on-rails horse medieval lance shooter? Graphics look like 90s CG cartoons


* Tribes of Ursea

Fly around as a winged goblin shooting centaurs?


* My Chabudai

Shmup/RPG hybrid? Yes please! Was this released anywhere else?


So many games, none of us will ever be able to play.


On the plus side, I am super happy I got Undead Syndrome 1 & 2 when I did. They're like deranged half-finished Dreamcast games someone dumped on XBLIG.


I know some (very few) games were moved to PC, but I really wished I'd gotten them when I had the chance.


Now it looks like the only way to play a lot of these will be to buy a JTAG X360, or chipped X360, and have someone install the 110 gig torrent of XBLIG titles. :(


Which, depressingly, seems to be missing all the Japanese exclusives like Ginga Saikutsudan! 銀河採掘団



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18 hours ago, MW_Jimmy said:

I once had the demo to Ginga Saikutsudan which I didn't redownload in time : that video feels like the last proof of its existence.


I know. It's my video, which I recorded and uploaded specifically because this game has almost zero footprint online, despite being a genre defying and truly excellent experience. I genuinely feel sad know it will never be played by anyone.


Sadly it was delisted. When I went to buy it, months or even years before the 2017 closure, it was no longer available.


I saved the download to a USB key. I don't know if it's possible to put this on other Xbox systems, other than those with my account, but maybe it can still be played as a demo?

Filename: C310D6E1CBCF0E9CF86A46B72905FD8E389D5EF658

Size: 57.8 MB (60,628,992 bytes)


Someday I hope to jtag my Xbox, or chip it, and then unlock this demo. Because it is shockingly good.




Because the title was written in Japanese script, it was quite difficult to find in the store listing, unless you set your Xbox to Japanese language, since it never showed up under the English 0-A-Z listing.


The knock on effect is that all the online archives of XBLIG games, including the 110 gig torrent, does not include it, or seemingly any of the Japanese games.


They might literally be lost forever, even with piracy trying to keep the catalogue alive.

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8 hours ago, Boozy The Clown said:

Have you tried tweeting Uncle Phil. Or the wee baldy Indie guy. You never know.....


I thought bald Uncle Phil died?






Did a test via USB key between some Xboxes today, and it turns out there is zero security on demos. I was able to transfer Ginga Saikutsudan to a different machine, and even play it via USB stick. Clearly Microsoft wanted people to share demos.


Besides, you need to be logged in to XBLA to load it. I booted it while logged in as one of my alternate accounts, so you do not need to be logged in as my original account which downloaded it!


So! My offer is this:

if anyone wants the free demo of Ginga Saikutsudan, post your email here, or PM me, and I will send it via WeTransfer. Pop the folder on a USB stick, pop that in your Xbox, and away you go.


Better do it within 24 hours because my attention span is short and I will quickly grow bored of this.


But once you have it, feel free to share!


Again, the demos were free and have no security, so anyone can put it on any other machine legally.


NOTE TO MODS: I realise saying "I will send you games over the internet" sounds dodgy as funk. But this is simply the official free demo put out by Microsoft, which has absolutely zero security, and does not in any way require modded hardaare yo play. It is blatantly obvious they deliberately allowed people to share demos, especially since you need to be logged in to XBL anyway to boot XBLIG games/demos in the first place.



OK, emailed the Ginga demo to someone. So now we will see if it actually loads or not. Entirely possible all my different Xboxes somehow know it's me, even though I was using a diff XBLA log-in.

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2 minutes ago, RipePlums said:

I miss Miner Dig Deep so much that I started making a clone of it.


Find someone who has the demo and they can email it to you.


It might not be the full game, but you can at least enjoy that sweet, sweet title screen, and the 5 minutes allowed for demo play.


Also, well done on making your own version!

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I was interested in if I could get a (practically) infinite play area that's made of blocks that can be mined - I did that. That's really the hard part - the rest is just standard game stuff.




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