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Destiny 2 - Leviathan Raid. Spoilers, obv

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The chests which you get keys for and have to find give tokens, plus sometimes an exotic. The encounter reward chests on the other hand contain either tokens, or tokens plus an actual item of raid gear (weapon/armour). It's RNG with the encounter chests in my experience, some people getting actual drops plus tokens, some people getting just tokens. But I've never seen a 'hidden' chest, the type you get the keys for, contain anything other than tokens and sometimes an exotic. I've only done the raid one and a half times times though, so ymmv.


Obviously it's worth getting the chest anyway, as the tokens add up to rep which adds up to another drop in the end.


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Because I had a thought about the last section when running it earlier on, I thought I'd start off some speculation about what changes will be in the Prestige form of the raid. Complete raid spoilers, obvs:



The Calus fight. I reckon the mechanic might be that you can only pick up an orb (to take you back to the throne room) once. That would pose a dilemma which is interesting because it pulls the tension two ways: one approach would be to go three in, three out as standard, and so be forced to two-phase Calus with the inside/outside teams having to swap roles once. The other would be to try the high-risk (for the throne people) four in, two out and send the two meanest hombres back to the throne room, thus hopefully bagging more skulls on the first pass, doing better dps, and thereby setting up an easier second pass, and even making three passes possible if the mechanic is tied simply to the number of orb pickups possible (one).


That doesn't make much sense now I read it back though, very much unlike the raid itself which is all perfectly logical and consistent with the idea of a massive world-eating behemoth spawning into the solar system but being stopped by destroying one robot version out of many robot versions of a mad emperor turtle who actually just wants to be friends after being placed in powerless exile in a large super-powerful world-eating spaceship which threatens the solar system but which nothing at all happens to after you complete the raid but it's ok we're all safe now anyway apparently. So an alternative Bungie might use is to simply make the orbs cakes instead, and you have to eat them to become fat and powerful as was written in the old Klingon proverb, but only three of you can eat them of course, so the others have to go back to the throne room as usual but this time they're so weak with hunger they can't lift their guns to shoot anything properly so either they will invariably fail to keep the adds down and end up wiping or the massively fat guys in ghost world will fall through the floor oh hold on that's just normal mode isn't it. Anyway, at the end Lyrical will get the handcannon and everyone else will die and not be rezzable and will not get loot. So that's not really different either, shit.


Some other ideas.



This is the same as normal mode, but with running on the spot to save time instead of sprinting round in a circle and the two guys who usually have to shoot the targets will just hold each end of a skipping rope and when the running on the spot guy shouts 'bottom!', they have to get into a muddle and disagree about whether to do high loops with the skipping rope or middle loops, and the static runner guy tries to jump really high but gets tangled up in the rope which is flailing about everywhere and falls flat on his face and then the other guys have to see who can strangle whom first because obviously I got the fucking right height and you fucked it up again you cunt no you did you twat don't call me a twat you cunt. Then you have to do some basketball dunks or something like that because otherwise another planet gets it in the neck and there's a timer and everything, and you do that successfully because it is entirely skill-free and trivial and you get wiped anyway for no reason, but the raid boss laughs and allows you to self-rez for two seconds at a time, and after dying repeatedly and inching your way to the chest for two hours worth of two seconds of crawling at a time you finally get to it but it's empty except for Lyrical who's sitting inside it with a hand cannon but it's his, not yours, get away from me you peasant. Ok, so that's a stupid idea and I've let myself down big time by suggesting it because no-one would want to play a raid encounter in a shooter that's not really about shooting at all but about some stupid sports day event and running and jumping and basketball and inching your way slowly to an empty chest. FFS I apologise.



This is very different from normal mode. For a start, it's not set in the depths of a terrifying world-eating spaceship that threatens our solar system but in a comedy sauna from a 1970s sitcom with Terry and June in it. The other big twist is that four of the team are not shooters, but bathers. Ahhhhh. When the four fireteam members who are bathers - see, it's good already innit? - pop out of the plugholes, the other two (played by Terry and June) have to ignore them completely while they jump up and bounce off each other time and time again while trying to grab the single bar of soap that appears in the middle room, and in the meantime the bathers start to smell, then rot through being unbathed and yet Terry and June are still just bouncing off each other and bickering about whose turn it is with the soap and then someone slips on the soap and falls down one of the plugholes, then you have 30 seconds to smash all the lava lamps and it's quite easy because you've been given rocket launchers and space lasers and... fuck me that's rubbish. Absolute shit. Why the fuck would your primary goal in destroying a world-eating behemoth be doing something to bathers coming out of plugholes and smashing lava lamps? Sorry. Honestly, I've been under a lot of pressure lately. I'll do better next time, I promise. 


Cat's cradle

Now as you can tell from the title, this really is completely different from normal mode - a totally new encounter in which you have to protect your garden from a horde of rampaging neighbourhood cats that have been shitting all over your petunias. Scary cats! What you have to do is, four of you creep around the garden in the dead of night with special catnip that can only be activated by - get this - sunlight, or something vaguely like it, but since the cats only come out at night you have to have two guys with massive UV generators clamber around over the rooftops, and when the catnip guys get near a prize plant these other guys have to activate the catnip with a beam of UV and then you simply wait for the cats to approach the plants and when they do you bash their skulls in with shovels, and then to celebrate you let off some fireworks and burn an effigy of a Catholic and then you skin and eat the cats and live in the dark garden for evermore in a new society where EU laws no longer apply and real men don't want to shoot aliens, they just enjoy creeping around in gardens in the dark and killing other people's pets.


And that shitstorm of terrible ideas for things to put in the endgame of a first person shooter is why I'll never be anything like the geniuses at Bungie. I can't wait to see what they actually put in the Prestige mode. I'm sure it'll be awesome.


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Went in with a bunch of my old WoW raiding buddies to the raid completely blind for shits and giggles. Figured out the hub and gauntlet after lots of trying, but couldnt quite clear out the gauntlet before we had to crash.


Really like how gearwise it's easy to get up to speed for the raid, but it's still balls hard due to the teamwork required.


I...actually like the hedonism-bot/Trump goes Vegas aesthetic, it's something so different and fun as opposed to some of the more gloomy D1 raids.

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