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The official rllmuk MCU ranking

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1. Captain America: Winter Soldier
2. Captain America: Civil War
3. The Avengers
4. Thor: Ragnorok
6. Iron Man 3
7. Ant Man
8. Captain America: The First Avenger
9. GOTG 2
10. Spiderman: Homecoming
11. Iron Man 
12. Doctor Strange
13. Avengers: Age of Ultron
14. Thor
15. Thor: The Dark World
16. Iron Man 2
17. Incredible Hulk

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1 hour ago, Benny said:


Lists are serious business.


Indeed.  Well, I'll keep the scores just as has been posted but if anyone who has already posted a list without a score for Thor Rag or Spiderman wants to PM me a mark out of 15 for each of the movies I'll add it in manually.  The lovely excel spreadsheet is now current so I won't reflect any further edits to lists already posted but anyone yet to post please do so. 


Thankfully I am glad there are only 17 movies to keep track of, I am not quite sure how Benny managed to do the top 100 games list.  Must have been a nightmare!


These are the numbers so far (without the names to spoil the fun).  Rules were the top film got 15 points, 2nd film got 14 points all the way down to the 15th film which got 1 point.  No points were awarded for the 16th and 17th film. Surprisingly close at the top and in midfield. Still to add is Benny's list and anyone else who wants to post a list. 




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3 hours ago, McCoy said:

Thankfully I am glad there are only 17 movies to keep track of, I am not quite sure how Benny managed to do the top 100 games list.  Must have been a nightmare!


It was. There were over 600 games on it.

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1 - Avengers

2 - Guardians of the Galaxy

3 - Thor Ragnarok

4 - Iron Man

5 - Homecoming

6 - Ant-Man

7 - The Winter Soldier

8 - Thor

9 - The First Avenger

10 - Iron Man 3

11 - Civil War

12 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

13 - Dr. Strange

14 - Ultron

15 - Iron Man 2

16 - Hulk

17 - The Dark World


That was tough! The only thing I knew for certain was that the Avengers was top and The Dark World was bottom.

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12. Doctor Strange

162 points, highest position: 3rd



Not much to say here.  I liked but not loved entry into the MCU but aptly setting the strange for more interesting entries to come as well as appearances in the forthcoming Avengers movies. Kudos once again to Marvel, in an age where WB struggle to find a tone for their cinematic universe perhaps the biggest credit to Marvel is the ability to blend very different characters and powers seamlessly into the same world. For most people this was firmly at the lower end of Marvel films although it is certainly beloved by a couple of people and it's highest entry of 3rd is testament to that. 


11.  Iron Man 3

Total votes 192, highest position 2nd. 


Are the credits from Iron Man 3 better than the movie itself?  Maybe, although I won't be arguing it since I think it is a fantastic film but certainly one which spits opinion. It appears very highly in many lists and then extremely low in other lists. Certainly a top five MCU movie in my list (well, 6th actually) but it got a lot of stuff right and was a crucial course correction from Iron Man 2.  We had a kid side kick who wasn't annoying and some great quips from RDJ.  The action whilst not being the best of marvel is quite inventive and you can sense it is a Shane Black movie.  A great film in my view but definitely a marmite film according to the votes. 


10.  Captain America

Total votes 202, highest position 1st.



And here we have it, our first entry which someone decided was the best MCU film thus far.  Is it?  No, probably not but it is a great film in its own right and the Captain America series is really alone in each entry being of a high quality.  You cannot really point to any other Marvel series and say the same although if you liked Guardians 2 you might want to argue. With a mere ten points separating Captain American from Iron Man 3 and 7 points between this and Guardians 2 these three entries could on any other day easily be reversed. I think it is fair to say that the quality of the CA series has as much to do with the perfect fit of Evans as Captain America as it does to the fact that each of the three films work on their own level without seeming like re-treads of what has gone before which is an accusation you could level at both the Iron Man and Thor series. 


9. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Total votes 209, highest position 1st. 


Well it is officially not as good as the first Guardians movie which is very popular and down with this down in 9th place what went wrong? For me the separation of the team and the overall villain did not work that well but it is still an enjoyable ride although sadly it has more in common with Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 is trying to recreate what worked for the first film without heading in a rapidly different direction for the sequel. Hopefully for Guardians 3 we can keep the essence of the series whilst trying a different approach ala Thor Ragnarok. 


8.  Ant Man

245 votes, highest position 2nd (two placements). 



Head and shoulders above the three previous entries in terms of votes and only 4 votes below the next entry we have Ant Man which I think was a bit of fresh air for the Marvel formula which at the time seemed to involve every final battle involving something big and floating in the sky.  It went through plenty of production and pre-production problems but came out the other side unscathed and a very successful launch of a new film series for Marvel. A go to guide of how to keep the MCU franchise feeling fresh with increasing numbers of superhero films fighting for attention. 

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7.  Spiderman: Homecoming

249 votes, highest position: 2nd


A fairly new entry and clearly at the top of the mid table Marvel films, whether this one will grow with affection with time or sink a bit remains to be seen.  I've seen it once at the cinema and it was a good quality Spidey flick which was a welcome relief after the previous 'Amazing' films. 


6.  Captain America: Civil War

304 votes, highest position: 1st.


A wonderful film which, for comic books movies, is surprisingly well thought through and intelligent.  The motivations for the characters are believable and the perspectives from which they act from can by sympathised by the audience. In the year when Batman vs Superman presented a highly improbable and without merit conflict between two heroes, Civil War spent the time and effort on making the conflict believable and you also felt that whilst a conflict was coming it was entirely earned when it arrived.  Perhaps most damingly is that it is the WB film which has the cop out ending of the heroes realising the error of their ways and teaming up to fight a CGI mess whilst the Marvel film, yes the light and funny Marvel, actually concludes with the two heroes on the poster savagely fighting each other and does not leave the film on a happy ending with everything tied up with a nice bow.  When people say that Marvel can be too light, I think Civil War attests to the fact that actually lightness in itself does not mean you cannot tackle issues with a certain amount of seriousness.


5.  Thor Ragnarok

Total votes 320, highest position: 1st.



Well, this is interesting.  Thor Ragnarok was an amazing film and appeared consistently highly among peoples lists. When we started this thread the film was not yet out and as a result 6 people did not include it in their lists.  The average score for this film was 12.52 points (equal to 3rd best film on people's lists).  For argument sake (and becuase it creates a more exciting result) let's say an average of 12 points.  12 x 6 you get to 72.  Add 72 to 320 and you get 392 points.  What is the relevance of this?  The relevance is that the film that topped the poll got 392 points.  We could therefore well be looking at the best Marvel film released thus far. It could slip down upon rewatches although I have seen it twice now and I think it was even more enjoyable the 2nd time.  Certainly, its true position is likely to be much higher than its current 5th position (and it was only 1 point off drawing with the 4th best film).  This is interesting as the Thor films up until now have veered between watchable but not amazing to downright poor.  Kudos to the creative team for taking all the elements of the previous Thor films which worked (the humour, Hemsworth), chucking the elements which did not (Portman, taking the character of Thor seriously) and successfully adding in Banner to make this film such a success.  We will have to redo this poll in the future but I think Thor is dead cert to be a top 5 Marvel film for sometime to come and it is, arguably, a top 1 or 2 MCU film at the moment.  I placed it 2nd in my list and looking at its placements nearly everyone who saw it placed it in their personal top 5 MCU films and often it was top 1 or 2. Simpy fantastic fun and hopefully a workable roadmap that allows Marvel to continue to experiment with its films so we can enjoy dramatically different styles and results from the same studio and all existing in a coherent shared universe. 

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4. Iron Man

Total votes 321, highest position: 1st.



Coming in just a single point ahead of Thor Ragnarok is the original Iron Man and the film that started the MCU in the first place.  Whilst almost certainly will be overtaken by Thor Ragnarok the original movie has displayed impressive staying power.  Is there an element of nostalgia present here? Perhaps although the fact is that the first Iron Man was just a really good film, with a impressive cast and benefited from not having to beat any previous movies.  Marvel films can be accused of trying to top the previous film to such an extent that sometimes the sequels aren't as good as a result (Thor 2, Iron Man 2, Age of Ultron etc., Guardians 2) so I do think this blank template when Iron Man came out did help it.  No expectations, no massive universe to build to service just a good quality movie with a few potential sequel hooks. I particularly like how in the first movie Iron Man is obviously powerful but does not appear ridiculously powerful.  Future iterations of the suit would diminish this quality somewhat. 


3.  Captain America: Winter Solider

Total votes: 371, highest position: 1st.



Into the top three name and with only 21 votes between the 3rd placed film and the 1st place film any of these really have a good argument for being said to be the best MCU movie. Winter Solider is, without a doubt, one of the very best MCU films and was really a game changer for the franchise.  MCU films, at this stage could have been at risk of becoming a bit complacent and not wanting to take risks but Winter Solider comes along, up-routes the whole franchise with the Hydra revelation (although it could be argued it did not have the earth changing result as you might have expected at the time) and also sets an entirely new tone for an MCU movie which really works.  There are people who think that superhero movies do not reach very high peaks in general but as part of the superhero genre Winter Solider must be considered one of the better examples.  The speech in the above clip, I personally think any of the current WB films would really benefit from some of that measured, quiet subtlety and really shows that whilst the MCU can sometimes be a bit too 'everything comes to a standstill in the third act to destroy something in the sky' that it has effective character work at the centre of it all which is frankly the success for the whole endeavour. Winter Solider in my view is a fantastic film, not just a fantastic superhero movie, and in the MCU it absolutely deserves its top three position.  

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Well, I could have waited until Monday but what the hey, here is the best MCU film as per Rllmuk.  Spoiler alert - You're incorrect. 


1.  Guardians of the Galaxy

Total Votes: 392, highest position 1st. 



Does it deserve 1st?  Not really in my opinion although that is more to do with the strength of the cream of the MCU crop.  I put this 4th behind Avenges, Thor Ragnarok and Winter Solider. But as they are all excellent films I cannot complain too much.  And Guardians is an excellent film.  I spoke in my last post of the shake that Winter Solider gave to the MCU universe, well Guardians is the confidence that the universe can also support something wholly different and people will still go and see it.  We've not seen the new Avengers trailer in cinemas yet but I have a feeling that the biggest moment for a general audience will be the reveal that the Guardians are featuring in an Avengers movie. 


Guardians is a great film from start to finish, is immensely watchable and includes some of the best MCU characters yet introduced to film.  If they are integrated successfully I think they will be the key 'added value' component to the next Avengers movie and give those films the same boost that having Hulk in Thor Ragnarok gave that movie. So congrats Guardians, officially the best Rllmuk MCU film.   Although not by much....


2.  The Avengers

Total votes: 387, highest position: 1st. 



So here we are.  Pipped to second place by just 5 votes. My favourite MCU film which accomplished something that even years later the Justice League still struggled win - an enjoyable romp with heroes taken from different series and different settings.  Fantastic interplay, a good villain for once and a story that once you get going from the slightly slow start doesn't let up.  Every character gets a chance to shine and they avoid, for the most part, this becoming the Stark and friends show.  We lose Agent Coulson which, at least from the movies perspective, is a death which stuck and also indicated one of the few times the MCU actually committed to a death (his resurrection in Agents of Shield does slightly dampen this point).  Does Avengers Infinity war need some death?  Possible, if handled in the right way although it will take a strong willed exec to give the OK to killing any of the current cash cows that Marvel has in its roster (so goodbye Hawkeye I guess...).


You would think that Avengers and Guardians have the top two spots sown up for the near future.  It is hard to see Winter Solider gaining enough steam to surpass either of these two although it is not impossible.  Thor Ragnarok is the wild card, could that one day be the top MCU film? It is a fantastic film which, I think, gets better on second viewing so I would not discount one day seeing it up here. But there is something a bit special about both Guardians and Avengers which will be difficult for any single hero movie to top.  The next two Avengers movies might have the best chance but will the increased roster line up do them more harm than good.  I think that is the fear.  Avengers and Guardians have an ensemble small enough to all service well, Thor Ragnarok and Winter Solider shows the success of combining a two or three characters into the same film (which is an approach I think we will see more of in the future) but Avengers Infinity War with its sheer scale of characters really does have its work cut out to simply avoid being a bloated mess.  I'l be the first in line to see it though so fingers cross the Ruffo brothers bring the magic that they brought to Winter Solider and Civil War to the next two Avengers movies. 


Anyway, here is the entire list in all its glory.  Personally I was surprised that Iron Man 3 was so low and, to an extent, I think Age of Ultron should be a bit higher up the list and I've already speculated that Thor Ragnarok would be competing for the top position if we had taken the vote now instead of a month ago.  Ant Man being higher than a few films was a bit surprising and a significant drop for Guardians 2 compared to the original as well. I thought Iron Man would be a bit lower too. But all in all, a pretty good list really. 




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Totting the Phases up.


Phase 1 - 1132

Phase 2 - 1378

Phase 3 - 1244


I don't know why, but my preconceptions of the different Phases would say that Phase 2 was slightly disappointing and I actually probably look on Phase 1 more fondly... But then you actually look at the movies and Phase 1 has 1 great movie and 1 (possibly 2) good movies, the rest decent to poor. And 2 has 2 of the series best movies. I can only think it's the series showpiece films are the opposite ends of the spectrum - the Avengers was incredible and finished the first Phase with a bang, Phase 2 ends with a disappointment in Age of Ultron, not a bad film but not in the same league as the first. Saying that, 3 is set up to be best of the lot. Admittedly it'll also have far more films in it but so far the standard has been good, according to this rating Dr Strange is it's worst to date and I'd actually rate that as a pretty good movie. GOTG2 has been the worst so far of this phase, suffering from the same fate as Age of Ultron for me - not bad but not up the standard it had set itself.

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